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Steve Aoki & Gattuso & Aukoustics – Losing My Religion (feat. MKLA)

Following on from the release of another classic cover by Steve Aoki, this time around the electronic/dance legend has returned with a deep, brooding overing of R.E.M.’s classic in collaboration with Gattuso, Aukoustics and MKLA.

Christee Palace – #1 Girl

Talk about a blast from the past, it has been quite a while since Christee Palace has featured on Eat This Music – the last time Christee was covered was all the way back in April 2020 upon the release of “Danger” – so what better way to get reacquainted than with her new single, ‘#1 Girl’, a song about love and affection… it is really that simple.

Although there is more to it than the aforementioned, this new song from Christee is a women empowerment anthem. “I knew when I created it that I wanted primarily female artists involved,” Christee says about the release. “It was important to me to have dancers… young dancers. I reached out to my high school dance teacher and was thrilled when she told me her Dance team wanted to choreograph the video. It’s so nostalgic having a big piece of your past involved in something so special.”

Natalie Imbruglia – Build It Better

Natalie Imbruglia hardly needs an introduction because she is Natalie Imbruglia (as if ‘Torn‘ didn’t just come into your head). But hey, the newest taste of what she has to offer from sixth-studio album is pretty solid and does, in fact, show more of what has made her a household name; the impeccable presentation of vocals, slow-world building and also the additional context of a solid story.

Freya Beer – The Calm Before the Storm

It is hard to justify a reason as to why someone would not be a fan of Freya Beer after the south coast artist continues to go from strength to strength with every new release she puts out with the held of her team.

In the lead up to the release of Freya’s debut album, due out for release in Autumn, the newest offering out of Freya’s tightly nit camp is ‘The Calm Before The Storm‘, a song that is actually an essence of her earlier single “Dear Sweet Rosie”, however, this song is more like Rosie’s older, more mature sister… in fact, Freya wanted this song to be a ceremonial-esque experience.

Although, this song is more than the aforementioned as it offers more of a glimpse into Freya’s hard work, determination, and output as a vocalist.

Nick Wilson – Yours To Take

If going into this song thinking you’re going to find the typical love story, you are understating the incredible portrayal of Nick Wilson’s world of music.

Bloody hell, a song like this, has many emotions going for it, from the battle of feelings to the aesthetics of the acoustic setting, and damage control that ensues emotively. This song has kind of the same vibe as Gidon Schoken’s Show Me The Way – which was an absolute favourite around here – but less distorted.

Rosie Carney – Party Dress

This is a very delicate, articulate portrayal of personal exploration. Another example of how a musician can make a minimal, immaculate song that clearly had a lot of work put into it behind the scenes. “A lot of the time writing sessions can feel forced and can be pretty anxiety-inducing for me, but when Ben, Charlie [producers] and I all sat down together, the song kind of fell out of us,” Rosie says on the initial creative process of the song. “We spoke honestly about all the shit we’d recently been going through, mine being the end of an extremely toxic relationship in which I constantly felt the need to minimise myself for the other person.”

Teeniest – Better Smile

This song is worth staying for the harmonica alone! Although, it has been quite a while since the release of New York duo, Teeniest‘s self-titled record, and what a better way to get a re-introduction into who Teeniest are as musicians, than with ‘Better Smile‘, which is a nice, delicate portrayal as to who they are.

Typhoid Rosie – Queen Of Swords

Typhoid Rosie is an act out of Brooklyn that deserves to be shared more. After coming across their single ‘Belong To Somebody‘, they continue to showcase more of what has made Eat This Music a fan.

Rowdy Outsider – Fall Away

Can’t go wrong when you hear an offering of consistent instrumentals and solid vocals, which seems to be the case with a song like this.


CASA X always finds a way to reinvent, and this collaboration with CEDRES is a good example of how mixing bilingual lyrics and simplistic, soothing R&B beats together can create a solid foundation.

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