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On today’s menu, you are going to find delicious new music from Alessia Labate & Sam Luck & NRONE, LA Faithfull, Salt Ashes, K.ZIA, Freddie Long, Charlotte OC, AHI, Torgny, Tadhg Daly, and Ski Lift.

Dig in!

Alessia Labate, Sam Luck & NRONE – I Want My Heart Back

Alessia Labate is fast becoming a favourite over here at Eat This Music, and after fronting projects like like ‘Cool‘, ‘Highway‘ and Something Special, it is not hard to see why ‘I Want My Heart Back‘ is just another solid offering that showcases a mix of Alessia’s soaring vocals and bouncy world building – not to take anything away from NRONE & Sam Luck – that hopefully gets you moving!

LA Faithfull – Anywhere We Want

LA Faithfull is an Australian musician that Eat This Music first came across all the way back in 2018, and to say a lot has happened in the life of LA Faithfull since then would be an understatement. ‘Anywhere We Want‘ is the perfect ironic song, all things considered with lockdowns.

Salt Ashes – Too Many Times

Salt Ashes has only been covered on Eat This Music once in the past, but as if the artist out of the UK wasn’t going to be featured again… especially when a song like ‘Too Many Times’ just grabs a hold of you, and takes you along for an emotional journey of dark, brooding vocal excellence. The music video for this very song is expected to drop this week!

K.ZIA – Sanctuary

Soothing, aesthetically pleasing, and visually appealing would be understatements for what K.ZIA has been able to achieve with the release of ‘Sanctuary‘. This song is about a special place where people can disconnect, connect, and reconnect with a special person, a spirit, a community, a divinity and re-center around the essentials of Love. “I am building a realm for the unheard. For the ones that never found boxes to fit in because of their differences,” K.ZIA says on the release. “To be able to exist freely, we will have our own boundless space. A Sanctuary where together we rise around authenticity, depth and love.”

Freddie Long – In Your Arms

In line with what you will hear in the songs below from AHI to Tadhy, respectively, Freddie’s newest song is a very powerful instrumental offering that showcases how vocals can take control of an entire atmosphere.

Charlotte OC – Bad News

Found it pretty hard not to head-bop to this one from Charlotte OC. The lyrics, the minimal instrumentals, her vocals – everything – this is a a great song that has a lot going for it; whether it is the audible or visual representation of the story.

AHI – Until You

It is hard to describe a song like this when everything in its own world expresses every little notion so perfectly. AHI is a great talent that needs to be listened to. Especially with this song, the song’s central lyrics “I was one of the wandering” and “Trying to fight through the elements” encapsulate AHI’s entire story.

Torgny – Grimace In The Dark

Grimace In The Dark‘ is a solid offering that showcases Torgny‘s sublime vocal array, with the overarching, spiritual-esq slow world-building playing second to what is a song that addresses the feeling of being a stranger to yourself in relation to the other. This is only one of four songs off Torgy’s ‘Together‘ EP. Good stuff, and would highly recommend more Torgny! This is why this is getting shared.

Tadhg Daly – Your Heart’s Not In It

Tadhg Daly sure does have an intimate, acoustic artist feeling written all over him with this new release. ‘Your Heart’s Not In It‘ is a beautiful song that showcases more than just his euphoric vocals, in fact, this is a song written about the end of a love story based on some of his own experiences… which you can kind of gather from the personal lyrics within.

Ski Lift – Teenager

This song is oozing with DIY essentials like guitar riffs, backed up by solid drum and bass lines, which seem to be Teenager‘s strong point. This song not only represents the mindset of youth but also touches on the notions of optimism, cynicism, freedom, and rebellion stages of life as well.

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