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Jessica Ride is a pop musician out of Australia, and today sees the release of her 5-track EP, ‘DRAMATIC‘. Whilst DRAMATIC is an EP that sees the Melbourne-based artist use the overall story as some sort of healing process, it offers a lot of inner dialogue, and traits honest to who Jessica is as a person.

“But I am so proud of how far I have come,” Jessica says on the release of her EP. “Being able to put everything into an EP was incredibly part of the healing process and has brought me to a place of acceptance.”

Across ‘snakes‘, ‘i don’t love you anymore‘, and the latter songs, you’re going to hear Jessica in a raw, emotional and honest state. ‘DRAMATIC’ in its truest form, chronicles a toxic and throbbing period in Jessica’s life — with a window for healing and hope. And with production, mixing, and mastering was done with the help of Curtis Hatton, this EP subsequently gives the listener a bookmark that signifies remembrance and closure of what has been, while looking forward to what will be.

Prior to the release of the EP, Jessica released ‘snakes’ and ‘sweet like honey’ – those – alongside three more tracks in the EP were birthed from anguish, as Jessica remembers the feeling of being picked and torn apart. All the songs come together like puzzle pieces that give us a fuller glimpse of the agonies of youth.

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