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Smooth and delicate would be an understatement when trying to describe Ginesse’s new single, “Gatorade”. However, in saying that, the artist out of Los Angeles does continue to showcase how much multifaceted she is in terms of the overall presentation and aesthetics of her music.

Following on from the release of her debut EP, Somewhere To Die in December 2020, Ginesse brings together more of that electro beats, swooning synths, and experimental vocal stabs that has made her upstart career one to watch.

The title of the song is a tongue-in-cheek play on the astrological phenomenon of mercury in retrograde and ties into her own personal interest in astrology and the meaning it can hold. Speaking on the release, Ginesse noted how “for some reason, mercury going into retrograde has always put me in a very nostalgic place,” and how this song is a love letter to those she shared time with where the doors have remained open without resolution and without a clear understanding of why.

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