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Anna Cordell is a mum, a musician, and a clothing designer. 2021 has been a bit of a rollercoaster for the Melbourne-based artist. In fact, Anna responded to Eat This Music’s Q&A while in lockdown, although, she is actually feeling really inspired. “After the madness of last year, I got to a point of thinking,” Anna tells Eat This Music. “Right! Start again. Clean slate!”

From there, something shifted, Anna has been writing new music, and has an amazing new band, while feeling really excited about the future. Additionally, her clothing brand has also been going great. I guess you could say things are really firing back up for Anna, it’s a very interesting time for her.

“Thank you! It feels so good,” Anna expresses on the release of her latest single, ‘The Children’. “I was pretty heartbroken when we went into lockdown the day after had my Sydney launch for my debut album.”

Anna had this song in her pocket for a while, and she wasn’t quite sure what it was for, she had it with her in all the uncertainty. Anna tentatively shared it with a friend and said, “so you think I should release this?” And the response was so immediate and so strong and positive, Anna thought – “right! Doing it!” The release of this song marked the beginning of something new for Anna, and it really has. This song has, in fact, been a literal ‘release’ for her getting this out there.

Anna’s “The Children” is about seeking meaning and finding consolation in the small things, and then finding out what that opens up.

“I always find when I take time to get out into nature or look at the night sky- it all points to something larger,” Anna reveals about the meaning of her song. “It seems to open me up and comfort me at the same time. I guess it’s a response to the rapid growth of atheism and me wondering what that’s all about… I just can’t help but have a sense there is something more.”

Yes! In fact- it expanded beyond it, especially once the video was made and I discussed the visual interpretation of it with Tara Leigh. — Anna Cordell

During the earlier stages of the song’s lifecycle, this was something that made Anna feel free, and at times, strangely nervous, and questioned whether to release it at all, “I think because it feels honest, straight from the heart, so there’s a risk in there. But now I love that,” Anna says.

Anna had been playing ‘The Children’ with a band prior to the release and presented it to Ben Edwards [producer] in New Zealand to see if he thought it could work on the album. “The Children” started out as a kind of raw 3 piece rock thing… but she really wanted to ham up the 70s mood and play around with something that was a little psychedelic. Ben just seemed to read Anna’s mind and help her make that happen at the time. From there, there was a bit of back and forth over emails for the final touches, although, initially it came together pretty fast in the studio.

Because Anna already had enough for the album, and Anna had extra time to record this while she was there, “I felt like the pressure was really off and I think so did Ryan Fishman the drummer so we had fun with it and got it down pretty fast,” Anna adds. “I also added some sounds back in Melbourne with Robin Waters and sent them over to Ben. Once it was done it felt quite different from the rest of the album, so I decided to hold onto it and save it!”

“A lot I think,” Anna indulges on the relevance to her own life. “The song is definitely a result of me reflecting on my life to this point.”

When the chorus is saying, ‘where are the children of God’ it’s kind of me saying to myself, ‘did you accidentally loose faith along the way here? Did you forget the important stuff? Why do you struggle so much to slow down these days? Have you become a bit shallow and materialistic lately?’— Anna Cordell

Then in the outro when the lyrics state, “‘we are the children of God'” Anna believes it is a little note to herself: don’t lose your way, don’t get caught up in too much bullshit. Remember who you are and where you come from.

“First of all, I’d just love them to enjoy it,” Anna says on what she wants listeners to take away from her song. “I just hope it makes people feel good when they listen to it.” And then, “I guess it would be a bonus if it did for other people what writing it did for me.”

Although, with this song, Anna would like this to be a reminder to slow down and go and listen to the waves, look at the trees, get back to those moments of childlike exploration and wonder.. and see where it leads.

This year, Anna is working on new songs with her band right now. It’s a new, very 70s rock-driven mood for Anna and she is really looking forward to sharing these new songs. And Anna will be recording an EP later this year and additionally another track to release in November. That’s the plan.

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