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MIZZI is a Los Angeles-based indie/pop artist. The name MIZZI originated in a studio session where she and the other writers on the project were brainstorming names – it is as simple as that. In fact, MIZZI is the name that stood out to those in the room, and the artist herself really loves the way it looks in all caps.

“I’m doing great! I spent a lot of the past year making new music that I’m excited to release,” MIZZI tells Eat This Music. “It feels great to finally be able to share this song with the world just in time for summer.”

Following on from the release of “Back To Back” earlier in 2021, MIZZI has returned with a song that continues to showcase more traits of her confident side, whilst incorporating a bouncy, fun aesthetic to her sound of bubbly pop. “Bomb” is essentially about being a confident, unapologetic bad-ass in a fun way.

Additionally, though, this is a song that MIZZI had the title for in her head for a while prior to the initial writing process, “and when I went into the studio with Rob Ellmore (the producer), he played the beginning synth line and I felt like sonically, it fit the title,” MIZZI says on the creative process. “Most of my songs start out with a concept but occasionally I hear a track or sound that inspires me or have a catchy melody.”

I think now more than ever with social media constantly in your face, it’s easy to compare yourself to others. I think it’s important to remind ourselves as well as others to be yourself and own it. — MIZZI

2021 looks to be a busy time for the Los Angeles native as MIZZI is planning on releasing an album called “Sugar High,” which will likely be in the vein of her two latest single, while bringing more to the table.

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