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It was only last week Nicole Millar was raved about on Eat This Music about how great the Sydney-based musician is as a solo creator, so the fact her new collaboration with Perth duo SLUMBERJACK continues to solidify that aforementioned statement makes me feel warm inside.

This song is all about the contrasting styles of the individual acts, respectively, for SLUMBERJACK this song is all about that moment, right at the start of the chorus, where it feels like you’ve just executed the perfect double bounce on a trampoline and you’re absolutely floating.

“Definitely our bounciest record to date – which fits perfectly in the Dichotomy of the album, we wanted to explore both ends of the spectrum and you can’t have the darker stuff without the fun and playful records,” the duo say. “Nicole also was incredible on this one, we went back and forth on so many amazing versions of the song but we felt like we nailed the one that made the final recording!”

Nicole and SLUMERJACK have been friends for years and she has always been a big fan of their music. In fact, Nicole had written a rough idea in Los Angeles a while ago and it had just been sitting on her laptop, “I sent the idea to the boys and they fell in love, after working back and forth together they just really turned this song into something special,” Nicole explains. “I’m so excited for everyone to hear ‘Not For You’.””

If there was one video that took full advantage of bi-coastal production, and showcased it very well, this collaboration would be it.

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