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Like a well-oiled engine, Melbourne-based artists Triple C and Mythic have come together again following the release of their debut collaboration ‘Diamonds‘ earlier in 2021, this new offering starts off the right way – slowly and steadily with an underlying guitar-driven rift.

The way this song smoothly guides the listener is seamlessly executed with the over-arching duality of shared vocals, mixed with a pulsing fusion of hip hop and rap, highlighting the complementing styles of these two artists, respectively.

Speaking on the release of the single, Mythic explains how Triple C has a saying he uses constantly throughout media appearances, live performances, social media, branding, and his songs themselves: “Inspire the ones who don’t desire”, “We wish for our music to inspire our fans and prove that anything is possible with a little inspiration and solid role models,” he says.

This is a collaborative team that is one to watch, whether individually or as a collective unit. Look for more from Triple C and Mythic in 2021

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