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Since the last time Eat This Music spoke with ÊMIA, she had changed a lot about her life, from the people she spent most of her time with, to the furniture in her bedroom, to her feelings towards herself. “It was a rough start but I don’t think I’ve felt this OK in a long time,” ÊMIA expresses. “I have a much better idea of who I am and what I want.”

Following on from the release of “Proof” earlier in 2021, ÊMIA has returned with ‘Bet You Let it Out’, a song that explores the story of how her ex pursued her without disclosing he was also seeing somebody else.

“He ended up with the other girl and I was incredibly bitter,” ÊMIA explains. “This was my way of whispering (loudly) in his ear that I knew the truth and that I would never forget it. Like many of my songs, this another one of my one-sided, one-on-one conversations.”

It represents what I wanted to say at the start…but it does not represent how I feel now –ÊMIA

This is one of the few songs for the ÊMIA project that did not start on the piano, “I made the beat first and wrote the song as I was filling in the instrumental,” ÊMIA tells Eat This Music. “I’m so used to building a house (writing an entire song) and then trying to find furniture that would work (production).”

In fact, the production for this song was actually a lot quicker than previous singles for the artist out of Brooklyn. Once she knew the aesthetic ÊMIA was going for with this song, the rest came together.

Everything in this song relates back to ÊMIA’s own experience in one way or another. There are easter eggs of her life everywhere in the song. For example, ÊMIA’s ex is a guitarist, so of course, ÊMIA had to add an electric guitar solo. A few years ago, ÊMIA posted a picture of her standing next to a dumpster with the caption: “me with all the boys I’ve loved before,” and her ex-boyfriend hated that picture, so ÊMIA referenced “trash” in her pre-chorus lyrics. ÊMIA very much allows her emotions to direct the creativity.

“I’ve been working on my album for a year now and I’m finally ready to share the rest of the pieces,” ÊMIA states on what she has coming up next. “I’ve been working on a project I absolutely love with my friend Charlie (aka DUUMU) and have a few more exciting collaborations down the line as well.”

To say ÊMIA has had an amazing tie writing and producing with more artists is an understatement, and it has changed the way she makes music for the better.

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