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Lucy & La Mer is an artist that has been a favourite of Eat This Music’s for quite a while, likely when first coming across her single Honey, Put Your Weapons Down back in 2017. Since then, she has gone on from strength to strength in the way she is able to not just finely tune her fresh, pop aesthetics, but also as a solid storyteller that is an advocate for acceptance.

Lucy & La Mer’s newest single ‘Ooh La La’ touches on certain aspects of the aforementioned notions above, while using her platform to explore the story of embracing who you are as an individual in today’s society. “I want listeners to feel invincible when they hear this song,” Lucy explains. “I think many of us are coming out of a long, challenging year and we’ve realized that there’s no time like the present to be exactly who we always wanted to become.”

electric guitar riffs, uplifting synths and infectious melodies run rampant in this song over the delightful, playful lyrical prowess touched on within, as this is a song Lucy wants to simply share with people for them to not just get back on their feet, but to take the world by storm and live larger than before.

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