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This song is a delicious, fresh taste of Mae Powell‘s debut album, Both Ways Brighter, which happen to come to her during a conversation with her friend about the days getting longer as they inched toward spring.

The soothing, laidback sunny atmosphere shines underneath as Mae reminisces about the time she and her friend were trying to figure out if the sun both rose earlier and set later, and if the daylight lengthened in both directions. If there was ever a song that showcased how instrumentals and delicate vocals could substitute for a real-work experience, this would be it.

“I had such a weird dream and it brought up all of these emotions regarding my partner at the time and my current state of mental health,” Mae explains on the initial inspiration of the song. “I sat down on a chair in a patch of sunlight in my living room and this song just flowed out of me in one session. It felt good to get it out, and now I know I’m not the only one with weird dreams.”

Tour Dates:
6/26 Sacramento, CA @ The Red Museum w/ Mediocre Cafe and Best Move

Mae Powell’s new album, Both Ways Brighter, is scheduled for release on 20th August through Park The Van.

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