BEVERLEE is a Los Angeles-based pop songwriter and producer, and whilst she has not been covered on Eat This Music in the past, I felt now would be an appropriate time to bring her into the ecosystem, especially since her new song, Logic Is Lost, is something of a mix of genres and showcases BEVERLEE’s incredible diverse structure of a creator.

BEVERLEE wrote this song before the pandemic, about the separation she was feeling from New York as she was slipping into her queer skin and becoming “woo woo” in the west.

“All the places I knew in NY no longer existed, and LA didn’t quite yet fit, BEVERLEE explains. “That first line “LA looks like a hooker in the rain” actually was inspired by an episode of Comedy Bang Bang! At the time, the marching down the streets was referring to the women’s march, but the rioting and the apocalyptic world took on a whole other meaning during the pandemic.”

In fact, some of the samples in the bridge, and the one at the end “we have to find a vaccine” were added after-the-fact and were all from old B Roll horror movies, which work very well to get her point across in many ways.

Something to note is that this is actually the very first appearance BEVERLEE makes in her own music videos for the project. And there is also an additional nod to Alicia Silverstone/Liv Tyler and the idea of having a video-leading lady. This music video is the also third video BEVERLEE has released (after “6X” and “White Piano“), and in all three, Caroline Blaike is the lead.

This song comes off the release of BEVERLEE’s debut album, Purple Violin, due out for release on Friday.

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