Rebecca Black – Worth It for the Feeling

I never thought I would be covering Rebecca Black, but here we are. In fact, her music is really good and should not be overlooked. She kind of reminds me of an Ariana Grande type of artist – making dark, bold pop music. Good stuff.

Nimkish – YSB (Ft. ASCXNSION)

Nimkish’s “YSB” (Young, Sick, Broke) is about the need for healing, freedom, and to be heard. And I feel the Canadian musician has summed that notion up pretty nicely in this 2:38 offering.

Thousand Fingers – She Said [Follow The Fingers]

Love the slow-building atmosphere of this song. Although, I would be remised not to mention how soothing the overarching vocals are and kind if reminds me of walking through a supermarket and someone speaking out of the speaker.

Mysie – Seven Nights

‘Seven Nights’ is a solid song that showcases Mysie’s smooth vocals and delicate instrumental percussion. The recurring drum beats are a nice touch too. Some nice visuals too. In fact, this is a pretty good, solid offering overall.

Robin Cisek – Speak to Me

Robin’s vocal performance is very solid in this song, and if this doesn’t get you interested in what else she has to offer, then I don’t know what will. I feel the dark, slow-building digital instrumentals do not take away from her overall presentation.

Tequisha – Maybe One Day

This might be one of the most peaceful songs I have heard in quite a while. I don’t know if it is the beautiful piano work or Tequisha‘s very own soothing, delicate vocals… either way, this is a very nice track and makes me believe everything will be okay.

Liz Lawrence – Down For Fun

The simplicity in Liz’s acoustic world for this song works well with the overall meaning of the song. Although, it could just be a contradiction of itself. Nonetheless, this is another fun – no pun intended – song that makes me glad I have stayed to the end.

Quiet Like A Thief – Travel in Time

I love a good punk song that touches on everyday issues, and I feel Quite Like A Thief touch on certain aspects very well. The heavy instrumentals are a nice touch as well.


Going into this song, I thought it was just going to be a run-of-the-mill metal track, with loads of screaming and loud noises. Well, damn, I was sure proven wrong. Sertraline‘s 2205 is more than just those aforementioned themes I mentioned, in fact, this is a song full of heart. And it is full of personal, real-life experiences of Sertraline’s singer, Lizzie. The inspiration for this song actually comes from Lizzie’s time at an Ariana Grande concert – specifically the one in 2017 that gained worldwide headlines due to the actions of a terrorist.

My words do not do the song’s story enough justice at all. Below is Lizzie talking about what went into the creation of the song, which I truly believe is worth taking some time out of your day to watch.

Stevie Weinstein-Foner – Give Me A Song

I promise to you there are no conflicts of interest as to why I chose to share this song with you, just because we have the same sounding name… seriously, though, it is for many better reasons: like Stevie’s incredible, delicate vocals throughout. Also, the acoustic setting, which gives off a beautiful, large Western/outback feel to it. And it also has to do with Blythe Gruda‘s additional guest vocals that kick in from halfway.

Actually, just as the vocals state, I am glad Stevie has given me a song to just share, and I hope you like it as much as I do.

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