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This is such a delightful song, albeit, with the subject matter, the video in itself is a joy from start to finish, and kind of hits close to reality; trying to avoid someone giving you pamphlets you’re likely never going to read, driving while eating (who hasn’t done that?), exercising to get better and the believability protein shakes are going to make you achieve your masculine goals, even though they you could likely do without it.

Of the track, Anderson East revealed that he feels that this was the hardest one to get right for him because it’s definitely not a glorification of drugs in any way. If anything, it’s a hardened look at yourself inward. “Me and my buddy and co-writer Aaron Raitiere were in LA, and we’re cruising around, and you’re just like, what is going on here? Where are all these people going? It’s like everybody’s on drugs in this place,” Anderson states. “You just start calling a spade a spade about what drugs mean: Well, I’ve had coffee this morning. Some people go to the gym. Some people are going to church. Some people are on Twitter.”

I wouldn’t call this a protest song, but it’s just like a, ‘Is anybody else seeing what I’m seeing right now?’, type of song. ‘Drugs’ is the second song unveiled from Anderson’s new album, Maybe We Never Die, which will be released on August 20th.

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