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The production quality alone in this song is worth a mention, although, that is not to take anything away from CHAII’s incredible work as per usual. Following on from the releases ‘Trouble‘ and ‘WOW (LOOK AT ME)‘, CHAII has teamed up with Party Favor on a song that is big in proverbial landscape and underlying beats.

Speaking on the release of the single, CHAII expresses how she really enjoyed working with the talented Party Favor on this track, “He’s honestly the best! Bringing our vibe together created such an exciting sound,” CHAII continues.

CHAII wrote this new song about not letting fear rule my life, “I had a discussion with my dad one day, and what he said really stuck with me,” she says. “He said don’t ever change your creative work and what you stand for because of fear.”

I guess I could just make safe music and not have to fear anything. OR I move forward not letting fear shape who I am. — CHAII

CHAII originally started by writing the lyrics about needing to hold your ground, often catching herself saying sorry for no reason, or if she didn’t make sense to someone. There’s no need to have to default to an apology for not fitting in any box, being yourself, and existing.

Additionally, though, on the project, Party Favor really wanted to see how the two worlds could collide. “She sent me this vocal and immediately I knew we could make something incredible,” she says. “Her being from Iran & New Zealand, she brings such a fresh sound to her music. This feels like a worldwide record.”

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