Lesley Roy – Maps (Marco Dalla Villa Remix)

Great bridge, vocals, aesthetics and overall presentation to a song that is essentially all about getting you moving – or at least trying to get you to enjoy your day. So far, I feel it has accomplished that feet… well, for me personally anyway.

Illyus & Barrientos – Supersonic

Pretty straight forward House anthem, that offers parts of disco and uplifting beats. Good way to start the week!

HARD FEELINGS – Holding On Too Long

I just want to stress how outstanding this music video is. Hard Feelings have not only got their story across visually and audibly, but the production value alone deserves to be pointed out. Good stuff.

CXLOE – Cry & Drive

CXLOE has been covered many times on Eat This Music in the past because she is an absolute beaut, and a very talented artist. She continues to grow with every song, and ‘Cry & Drive’ is just another great example of what she can offer to the world of music. Although, my only suggestion is you don’t cry & drive at the same time.

Gel Set – Next Exit

This is one of the many hypnotic tracks off Gel Set‘s brand new album. The visuals accompany the story well, and the roadside deserted tone is a great guide for the subliminal, hazy vibes.

Birdz – Fly (feat. Ngaiire)

These two artist shine bright in their own right, in fact, prior to even working together, so when Birdz & Ngaiire got together to form this beautiful piece of music full of heart, vocals and outstanding audible aesthetics, it just works well.

Half Past Two – Some Nights

Love a good ol’ jolly Ska band, and that is what you get with Half Past Two.

Grace McKagan – So Hyper

This song is absolutely simplistic in its presentation but it offers a bright, world into the hyper world of Grace McKagan and her aesthetic nuances.

Wavves – Help is on the Way

The simplicity of this song is the best part of what Wavves has to offer. Whether it is the compounding factor of the one-liner lyric, or the aesthetics of the egg/snake visual. Highly enjoyable taste of what is to come off his Wavves’ new record.

Joe Wright – Her Love

Beautiful song from a solid artist that just wants to tell a heart warming story.

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