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Jiordy is just a Melbourne based pop-electronic musician, no bells and whistles! “I remember when I was trying to think of some cool names for my act,” she expresses to Eat This Music. “I really struggled, so I decided to use the name my friends and family have been using as a nickname my whole life!”

Jiordy’s latest single ‘Vigor‘ came out in February and it was nice to see her release something she put so much love into. Jiordy also has an EP coming out in July, so stay tuned for that!

“I wasn’t sure how people would react with this song as it’s quite different from the others but for me it was important to show some versatility,” Jiordy tells Eat This Music. “I don’t want to be put into a box so I’m keen to give listeners different things to make the live shows as fun as possible.”

Vigor is about life force and energy. Jiordy wrote a poem last year and about unlocking that potential, reaching that high and feeling that burning passion. So, she wanted to write a song that encapsulated that feeling.

This whole process felt effortless and working with my dear friend and Producer, Liam Brown, was a joy. — Jiordy on creating ‘Vigor’.

“He completely gets me so I feel confident that the song is always exactly where I envisioned it sitting,” Jiordy continues. The initial creative process for this song was Jiordy catching up for a session with Liam and putting down some nice chords. “We played around with this drum beat and slowed it down until it almost flickered like energy itself,” Jiordy explains. “That’s when I remembered the poem I wrote at the end of last year and it was cool how seamlessly it fit into the track.”

The vocals you hear in the track are the very first vocals Jiordy ever put down for it. She grew up doing musical theatre and have gigged across Melbourne for years, so, she loves singing live, “I always think my best work happens in my first few takes,” Jiordy adds. “I love hearing the emotion and authenticity in vocals so once I’m trying too hard – I can hear it and I don’t like it.”

In terms of how this song differed to the usual creative process, Jiordy has never really written a song that came from a poem before, so that was different! Usually Jiordy maxes out her voice recordings with random melodies and lyrics, and then she and Liam will sift through them to find what works.

“Every inch of it,” Jiordy states on influences in this song. “I only write music that is inspired from something I have truly experienced, it’s never really surface level things but I definitely won’t say ‘never say never!’”

It is important for Jiordy to be introspective and she is the type of partist that naturally thinks and feels deeply, “so I enjoy putting that into a song to help others feel like what they’re going through is relatable,” Jiordy says.

Feel things and acknowledge them, surround yourself with people who spark that inner creativity and life force. It’s priceless and fleeting so when you do feel that energy, run with it. — Jiordy

Jiordy’s debut EP, ‘A Sprig of Wattle’ is coming out in July, as toucheed on at the top of this piece. “I’m over the moon about it and it’s really starting to take shape,” she expresses. “I don’t have too much to say just yet but I’m so incredibly proud of what has gone into it and I think people are going to really resonate with it.”

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