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Simran Sultana is an RnB singer/songwriter first, although, she does like to produce and mix as well, “as an artist I think I like fusing all my experiences with my genres to create a really fresh palette,” Simran tells Eat This Music. “I love Rnb, Latin Pop, Hip Hop and culturally diverse instruments and keys.”

Simran would like to think of herself as an empowering figure, who writes songs about self-love, relationships and living the life of the party.

“I want my music to make people feel good and create a space for people to feel nourished.” — Simran Sultana

2021 has been an amazing year for Simran so far. She only really started taking music more professionally after coming back from Italy in March 2020, and within a year there has been a lot of growth, “I also played my 1st headline show at The Vanguard a few months ago,” Simran says. “I am diving in head first and it’s been a very rewarding experience and I can’t wait to see what else the world has got in store for me.”

“This is a great question because titles are so important,” Simran tells Eat This Music on the namesake for her newest song. “I was stressed out about naming this one because I kept going back and forth with either, “Stranger,” or “Come Get It,” but I thought both of them were pretty basic.”

One day a producer Simran was working with was asked, “how’s that song you’re working on, what’s it called, misbehaving?” and that’s when Simran knew that it had a ring to it, “I think it fully encapsulates the theme of the song, and it was obviously what people remembered it by,” Simran adds.

“I think whenever I start writing I like to follow a theme. It helps me write a good story to follow.” — Simran Sultana

“My intent was to make people feel like they were in another country, drinking and hoping for that foreign love affair, and I believe it still sends that message,” Simran explains.

Simran co-produced this track with another producer and he brought in more of the hip-hop/trap elements, things that Simran doesn’t necessarily play around with. Which evidently was a good mix and it worked out well for her, all the layers in this song are super important especially the guitar and trumpet loops and riffs, “This song was all about taking it the extra a mile and I kept pushing it to how far we could go creatively,” Simran reveals on the creation of her new song. “The vocal ad libs and harmonies are also a favourite of mine in this song.”

“So much!! [Simran laughs], I always write from my own experience and this hit hard because I was supposed to be living “this grand life,” abroad for a year before lockdown hit,” Simran expresses on how much of her song relates to her own life. “I was actually in Italy for 3 weeks before getting sent back and honestly that hurts more than a breakup.”

This song is a fantasy about what Simran would rather be doing in her long anticipated European Summer, and with this song, Simran wanted to put out all the elements of that warm feeling in the song and she supposedly re-lives that fantasy everytime she hits play.

There is one thing Simran would like listeners to take away from her song though – that there’s more to life than what’s just around you, “Go travel, and love and truly live. Life is too short to just be in a fantasy, create the damn memories,” Simran adds.

“I have a few tracks that I am working on but I definitely have a favourite,” Simran reveals on what she has coming up next. “Ethan Lao, a producer I’ve been working with is truly super talented and we made a song that’s all about being strong and independent but also knowing that It’s okay to ask for love, and we all deserve love.”

Essentially that song is a mixture between Adele and Jorja Smith but then some aspects of the beat are very Kanye, “I am really excited to release that one, maybe next [winky face]. But other than that I hope to release a mixtape of some tracks early next year,” Simran concludes.

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