Pictured: Vinok

Lex Leosis – Won’t Wait

The best part of this song is the lyrically prowess and how the instruments work well additionally underneath the overarching voice of Lex. Although, the lyrics themselves touch on the notion of waiting on a person that is unsure of they reciprocate feelings of love.

CLOVES – Nightmare

CLOVES‘ Nightmare is full of vocal and aesthetic atmosphere, where CLOVES’ story shines fluently in the daunting, submersive experience, and offers a fresh taste of what is to come off her new record.

Solsta – Together (feat. BEXX)

I am really liking the extended vibes of this song from Solsta – from the slow burning start to the echoing of the lyrics – it is nice work.

Milan Ring – BS (feat. Che Lingo)

Milan Ring‘s “BS” is a big song, aesthetically it is smooth and lyrically it is smart. Che Lingo‘s addition is perfect and he adds a lot to a song that is already pretty solid and worth starting for the entire ride.

Desduné – Work It Out

Pretty simple song, Desduné just wants to show you how to work it out. It’s in the title. Seriously though, Desduné’s ‘Work It Out‘ is a song that offers a lot of exploration of lyrics and sounds – whilst consistently guiding the listener on the song’s journey. Nice song.

Lu Wright – Lovely (feat. Civil)

Fantastic vibes from a fantastic artist. This mix of Lu & Civil is one I would like to hear again.

Vinok – elephant girl

So much attitude in this song, which is quite fitting for Vinok as a whole.


I recently covered TREASVRE back in January when the band released their double-single. However, TREASVRE are now back with a music video for the 2020 single that continues to offer a glimpse into Devilish (pun kind of intended) world of the five-piece.

Belle Tower – Fear

I’m really starting to think Belle Tower, indie folk rock project of Isabella, loves to make the world a better place with calming, vibrant aesthetics and soothing melodies. Whilst Belle’s new song is titled ‘Fear’, it is any but scary, albeit the subject matter. With that being said though, the other four songs from her record are just as delightful – if not ear-pleasing – too.

Calibrate The System – Lukewarm Milk

This is one of those songs where you can close your eyes and just enjoy the sights and sounds. It’s a hidden gem out of Melbourne and thoroughly enjoyable on multiple levels.

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