Pictured: Pastel Coast

What So Not – The Change (feat. DMA’S)

It has been quite a long time since What So Not was even remotely covered on Eat This Music (26th June 2019 to be exact), so it is a pleasure to have his music back on the website again. Although, I didn’t think I would be writing about a collaboration like this with DMA’S, but here we are!

Nova Rose – Somebody Else

Nova Rose continues to offer a solid mix of vocals and underlying instrumentals ‘Somebody Else’ is another strong performance.

Skott & Shylde – Tired

It would be hard to argue that Skott & Shylde are great artists in their own, individual rights. So when the two works come together, you just know you’re getting something good in its output. Which is evidently the case with ‘Tired,’ a song that is big on vocals and minimal on instruments. Although, the highly is the dueling lyrics.

Faith Louise – Boss

For such a relatively young artist (in age and tenure in the industry) Faith Louise has a lot of potential to do some interesting things. Faith’s second single of 2021 ‘Boss‘ offers a lot of what she can deliver as an artist – her vocals are solid, and the world of music is consistent. Overall a solid new song.

Molly Burch – Control

Not the best Molly Burch song, but it is still nice!

Pastel Coast – Sunset

This is one of the most brightest songs I have seen in quite a while; I mean that in the way it is aesthetically bright. Also the lyrics are just delightful when you take the time to dissect each word. Good stuff.

James – Beautiful Beaches

Similar vibe to what i got from listening to the above song from Pastel Coast, this new one from James is nice to listen to, and it oozes with a bright, sunny vibe of soothing vocals and delicate instrumentals.

Joshua Luke Smith – Echo Chamber (feat. Dani Miché)

Great mix of R&B and urban vibes. The worlds of Joshua Luke Smith and Dani Miché fit together pretty well. The spitting of rhymes, the world of sound, the break down of acoustic guitar is also a nice touch. Overall a solid outing worth the share.

Locked In – Samskara (Feat. Inno)

This is just one of the many gems off Locked In‘s EP ‘Locked In,’ out now via Bandcamp. And while the EP only features five songs, I truly believe this is the most solid track off the release and features various nuances (in the first of strong individual instrumentals, honest lyrics, and consistent croaky vocals) as to why Locked In are a solid band with different variables that make them a great collective unit.

MATT McMANAMON – Every Time I Close My Eyes

So many elements of this song work so well: the lyrics, the beats, and the visuals to boot. Good stuff from Matt McManamon! Looking forward to more.

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