Skypp is a veteran emcee from the crossroads of America, Indianapolis, Indiana. Growing up in a poverty-stricken environment with not many resources as a kid, Skypp found music as an outlet to express himself. That same struggle fueled his grind. It’s has taken him, and continues to take him, to amazing heights.

Skypp’s latest record ‘King of Indiana’ is about an underdog who feels like he can achieve anything. His mentality is to take what’s owed to him. Overtime he learns that everything that glitters ain’t gold but through it all, he stands on his words and actions. This album is a perfect representation of how Indy hip-hop feels as a community.

“I’m an artist that writes everything on the spot,” Skypp expresses to Eat This Music. “Initially, we just wanted to build a sound.”

Once Skypp and his team did that, the message of being “king” really stood out, “I was feeling real Braggadocious, haha,” Skypp continues, “So I decided we were going to call this one “King of Indiana”. The creative process is always easy for me. I’m grateful for that skill.”

Skypp’s entire life influenced this album. In fact, all of his albums are a product of his reality at the current moment in life.

“I’ve been blessed to have accomplished a lot in my music career and I felt like it was time to claim my throne, so that’s what I did.” — Skypp

“At the same time though, I’m making it known that there’s more than one throne. We make the rules. We’re all kings and queens,” Skypp adds.

“Man, the people you just named are some of the most hardworking and talented people I know,” Skypp reflects on working with DJ Topspeed, Swoe Whoa, Rhymefest and others on this project. “That’s why I reached out for their contributions on this album.”

Working with professional artists like those guys will always feel like a pleasure for Skypp. In fact, it is a breeze. No hassle, just all fun and creativity amongst fellow creatives when it came to creating the album.

“There are two songs that I project to be the fan favorites,” Skypp states on the release of the album. “Those songs are “Dizaster to Glory” featuring DJ Topspeed and “Fix Yo’ Crown” featuring Rhymefest, Allison Victoria & Jared Thompson. Two totally different vibes, but amazing records.”

“You are a king/queen,” Skypp states on what he wants listeners to take away from his album. “It’s never about anyone else, it’s solely about you.”

Essentially Skypp believes that life isn’t a competition and there isn’t a limit on the amount of kings and queens this world produces. Stay confident, kind and ALWAYS know your worth. P.S. Equality is key.

Currently the focus for Skypp is on his new album, but what he can say that at this time, is there will be a Side B of the album coming soon, and that release will feature all of the amazing songs that didn’t make the album.

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