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Ruti is all about being as authentically themselves as possible. Creating, changing and growing constantly and encouraging others that it is okay to do that as well!

“It’s a relief actually,” Ruti expresses to Eat This Music on the release of her four-track EP. “I always feel like that after a release.”

In the days leading up to the release Ruti was really nervous. But once something’s out there, there’s nothing she can do about it, so Ruti is the type of person that doesn’t want to worry any more, “I’m also thrilled with the response,” Ruti adds, “people have expressed their love for the completely fresh tracks, which I was the most worried about.”

All At Once‘ has a track for each season – the notion of what Ruti thinks each season sounds like anyway. So Ruti called the EP ‘All at Once’ because, for the listener, it’s like all the seasons happening at once.

I always feel like my music is inspired by the seasons, I always want to create an atmosphere or a scene. — Ruti

“I wanted it to feel like a year in the life of me. Each of the songs, although very different and varying in venerability, are still personal,” Ruti explains. “Individually I feel like they represent the big feelings I feel (what feels like) every year. If that makes sense.”

The winter excerpt of the EP, “Daylight,” talks about the heaviness of longer nights and the cold the way it affects Ruti’s mental health, “It happens every year,” Ruti tells Eat This Music. “Whereas when it gets to summer track, Closer to You, everything feels lighter and a lot more carefree. The song is just about the kinda excitement of new possibilities but not worrying about where things could going. I find it easier to be optimistic in the Summer!”

When it came to the creation of the EP – of course there were changes to the production, however, Ruti had so many ideas of how the seasons sounded and what she would say about them, so at the time she had to figure out what she wanted to include. Even though the songs don’t form a chronological series of events, which is a route Ruti considered, each song is just a little insight into her years. Ultimately the EP still represents what Ruti wanted to say in this project.

The creative process for this EP was pretty much the usual for Ruti, because most of the songs were actually written in 2019/early 2020.

“I was going into sessions to write songs that was it,” Ruti reveals on the creative process. “The only song that had a Covid disruption was When it Rains.”

Even then, Ruti was able to work in the studio when the restriction were briefly eased, “I didn’t actually have the intention of writing an EP, the songs just worked felt right together,” Ruti says. “I was writing the songs around the time I was just making the transition from major label to independent so I didn’t really know what was next for me musically.”

“I think in future projects I’ll try to be more intentional with writing for larger projects, but actually it doesn’t always work like that and you don’t have to do things that way either.” — Ruti

When it comes to the EP as a whole, Ruti recommend listening to “Daylight,” it is the only sad song she has out currently.

“In ways it does feel like the most venerable song I have,” Ruti says on ‘Daylight’. “I think that’s because I find it harder to be open with my sad feelings in my songs. It’s also got a great beat! It’s a sad bop.”

With this release, Ruti hopes that the listener’s get to know her a little more. In some ways this feels like another introduction to Ruti as a person and artists because it’s the first project she has released since becoming an independent artist.

“[A]ll of the songs feel like completely different sides to my personality,” Ruti tells Eat This Music. “I also just hope people can just feel warm and relaxed listening to this EP. I want people to enjoy it whether they are really focussed on the lyrics or just need it to soundtrack their day to day.”

“I love this bit because I’m not gonna lie I don’t really know,” Ruti states on what she has coming up next. “But there are so many different things I could do and I’m so excited about that.”

In fact, Ruti has thought about different concepts and bodies of work she could release – not just in 2021 – and has lots of ideas. And Ruti also has lots of unreleased music as well that has potential for different projects, “There’s too many options,” Ruti says. “The only thing I have certain in place is a collaboration that is being released really soon! It’s my first musical collab and I’m very much looking forward to it. It’s so groovy and fun so I can’t wait for that.”

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