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Beth Macari is an artist previously covered on Eat This Music when the Newcastle Upon Tyne-based pop artist released her single One More Time in July 2019, so it has been quite a while since Beth has been featured. “I’m great thanks,” Beth tells Eat This Music. “I’m really looking forward to things going back to some form of normality, I’m so ready to get on the road and gig with my band.”

“It feels so good,” Beth relects on the release of her newest song, “myself and my producer PhilTheBeat worked really hard on this single, it’s the first timme we have filmed a music video ourselves and we are so happy with what we’ve created, I’m just so pleased it’s out there for the world to hopefully enjoy.”

Beth Macari’s ‘Gotta Get Back’ was built around a fictional story of a bad relationship, and when you finally find the courage to leave it, you realise how much of yourself you have lost an its about the journey to geAng back to who you are.

“‘Gotta Get Back’ has a bit of a double meaning to me, the fictional love story that i’m sure lots of people have experienced (I know I have),” Beth continues, “but also with the way the past year has been, the lyrics were also a way of expressing how I was feeling, the need to ‘get back to being me’.”

“This song was so fun to make. It’s the first time that I have done everything from my own studio.” — Beth Macari

From mixing & producing, to creating the music video and single cover using her iPhone. Beth and Phil really got stuck in with a DIY approach, and loved every minute. In fact, all of Beth’s music tends to come from a personal and honest place, so even though the concept of ‘Gotta Get Back’ was from an outside perspective, Beth still put a lot of herself into this release as a whole.

The aim for ‘Gotta Get Back’ was always that it would be a feel good and uplifting song, flipping a negative situation into a good one.

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