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X. ARI‘s newest single “She Knows It” is not only the first single off her EP – dedicated to her first ever girlfriend – titled “Anja“, dropping on June 25th for Pride month – She Knows It is also a female power anthem about exuding that “it” factor that people are drawn to and love to be around.

“I absolutely love being around my girlfriend Anja’s energy,” X. ARI tells Eat This Music. “She’s effortlessly a high vibrational being and has become my favourite person to be around and is SUCH a muse for me – as she’s the first person I’ve ever been motivated to dedicate a whole EP to.”

I wanted it to be a power anthem for women and I believe that’s exactly how it turned out [smiles]. — X. ARI on her new single.

The creative process for this single was an interesting one, as X. ARI lives in Los Angeles (but is from Toronto). She wrote the song on Zoom with her collaborator Tal Vaisman (also from Toronto), “We wrote it in a couple hours and then I recorded my vocals at home, sent them to Tal and he did his production and mixing magic,” X. ARI reveals on the long distance project. “The process was organic and fun! This is the first EP that I cut my own vocals for at home and it felt great to be able to do that.”

All of the music X. ARI writes is about her own life and experiences. She is the type of person who tends to write many songs about struggles and overcoming mental health challenges, however, after falling in love with Anja, she became X. ARI’s inspiration and support system.

“I felt the urge to write an entire EP about her because she is an incredible partner and her love makes me burst with creative energy, which has been so healing,” X. ARI continues.

X. ARI wants listeners to feel a boost in their confidence and have their self-esteem spike off the charts when they listen to this song: “I want people to embrace who they are fully and own their weaknesses and learn to transmute them into their greatest strengths,” X. ARI expresses. “I want others to also find their way to channeling Pain Into Power, my life motto, so they can feel amazing and see their burdens as blessings.”

2021 is a busy time for the Los Angeles-based artist as she, self-admittedly has “a bunch of exciting online events and releases coming up,” that excited to share with you!

Mental Health Month With X. ARI

For the entire month of May, X. ARI is hosting “Mental Health Month with X. ARI”. It is a free online festival with workshops & talks by healers, teachers, advocates, artists, and organizations such as National Alliance on Mental Illness (San Fernando Valley & Westside LA),, Be There, The Blues Project, Free Arts, VRY, Pause+Expand, and many others.

The festival features powerful mental health stories, Yoga, Guided Meditations, Sound-Baths, Coping Skills, Emotional Freedom Technique, Radical Acceptance, Live Music, Art Therapy, LGBTQIA+ x Mental Health, Sleep Hygiene, Affirmations & Mirror Work, Crystal Healing, Cultural Diversity, Mindful Mantras, Intention Setting, and more!

As someone who manages comorbid disorders and has found happiness, healing, and fulfilment in life despite her challenges, X. ARI has made it her life purpose to help inspire hope in others who also face mental health challenges. She does this by writing her story in her music, sharing her experiences publicly, and providing resources for recovery.

X. ARI aims to spark open conversation, connect like-minded people, and provide healing support throughout the month that participants can utilize in the future. She hopes to normalize mental health and create an environment where everyone feels accepted, supported, and seen.

Upcoming single and birthday celebration

“Good for Me” is X. ARI’s next song and it comes out May 14 and X. ARI is celebrating the release, “Mental Health Month with X. ARI” and her BIRTHDAY on May 13th with a live show at Resident Los Angeles being live streamed straight to your home! and Be There teamed up with X. ARI for the event and partial X. ARI merch proceeds are being donated to them.

Here’s a link for tickets: Eventbrite

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