Pictured: A Dog (and Skofee)

PNAU – River (feat. Ladyhawke) [Alice Ivy Remix]

Every single time a remix is released of PNAU & Ladyhawke‘s original collaboration, I can’t help myself but go back to the original offering, as it gets better with every listen (I kind of still like it a lot). This time around, Alice Ivy has brought a solid, slower mix to this classic. Albeit different to Tobiahsremix back in March.

Ben Phipps – On My Own

It is a bit impossible not to share a Ben Phipps song. Mostly because he continues to offer a lot of what makes him enjoyable to listen to. Digital atmospheres and a solid mix of vocals and instrumentals seem to be his forte.

Tasman Keith & Kwame – ONE

Two individual incredible artists in their own right have come together as ONE, pun intended. Instrumentally this is a solid song. And vocally it is witty, soothing and consistent in its portrayed messaging.

Amber Mark – Worth It

This is the first single from Amber Mark in over a year, and while the wait may have been ‘Worth It‘ – pun intended – Amber has come back swinging, per se, in the way she is able to show iff her incredible, orchestrated vocals in a song that offers an insight into mentality of being your own critic, which the song’s title kind of explains in its own right.

Aziya – Heaven For Me

This song has multiple factors going for it that makes it simply really beautiful: aesthetics, instrumentals, and of course, Aziya’s very own euphoric vocals.

emie nathan – noman

Visually “noman” is an incredible feat of artistic vision. On the other hand, audibly it is a slow burning offering that focuses entirely on the solid nature of Emi’s vocals and additionally touches on the realisation that she was (more often than not), a glass-half-empty kind of person.

Skofee – QVC

The colorful vintage inspiration for this song, visually, came to Skofee (Pictured above with the dog) while “Skoh-fee” (just in case you didn’t know how to pronounce her name) was flipping through television channels and happen to land on an infomercial, where she was amused by the impulsiveness and drama. That aforementioned inspiration is what attracted me to this song, while not taking away from its fun, bright aesthetics and delightful atmosphere of vocals and instrumentals as well.

Fun little track all rolled into one.

Brooke Law – Talk To Me

Love Brooke Law‘s work and this new song is no different. Brooke continues to showcase an entire level of attitude and niance in her soothing, alternative rock anthems.

Totally Slow – Found Factions

It’s kind of ironic that the name of the band is Totally Slow (I’d like to believe the band are in on the joke too), because this song is anything but slow. In fact, “Found Factions” is a solid punk song that showcases the band’s well-oiled collective arsenal of individual instruments and strong leading vocals. Great stuff.

Authority Zero – Fire Off Another

Getting some (very) early Bad Religion vibes from this release by Authority Zero.

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