Pictured: George Alice

Golden Vessel – getforward

10 minutes of soothing digital instrumentals from Golden Vessel, what more could you want on this breezy Autumn day?

Emotional Oranges – Down To Miami (feat. Becky G)

Loving absolutely everything about this smooth, R&B offering from Emotional Oranges. And not just because the name is very unique, but because of how Oranges and their guest artist Becky G is able to juxtapose what is on offer from the namesake, especially in the way this turns into an urban bilingual song. Great stuff.

A.GIRL – Luv Drunk

Great offering from A.Girl that offers a whole lot more than your basic R&B track.

CASA X & CEDRES – Your Love (Toda La Noche)

Similar to what I said above with A.Girl’s single – this one from CASA X and CEDRES showcases a solid mix of R&B, Urban and Latin influences all rolled into one beautiful, soothing piece of music.

Beth Macari – Gotta Get Back

It has been a while since I last covered Beth Macari on Eat This Music, so it feels good to have more of her soothing mix of pop/R&B on the website. Beth’s “Gotta Get Back” is essentially a tribute to 90s R&B! Enjoy.

girl in red – you stupid bitch

girl in red‘s “you stupid bitch” is one of the best examples of what the oslo-based artist can achieve when she lets the narrative of her output take charge, while the instrumentals smoothly back her underneath.

Tori Forsyth – Nothing At All

With Tori Forsyth gearing up for the release of her new album, “Nothing At All” is a bittersweet moment of the record that showcases her fantastic array of vocals. It is a beautiful song and offers more than a slow burning, rock ballard.

George Alice – Teenager

This just might be the most honest song George Alice has released to date. “Teenager” is raw, personal and showcases how much important she puts on each lyrical within her music. Beautiful song.


Week Neez are a well-rounded rock band, and ‘Jenny‘ is a great example of what the band can achieve in a nuance of chaotic nature.


LOBSTERBOMB‘s newest offering showcases the rawness of three individuals that bring together their own nuances to a consistent anthem about overcoming the frustrations of being trapped in a monotonous and unfulfilling routine. Nonetheless, it is great to watch the three-piece continue to grow as a collective unit.

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