Pictured: George Alice
Eat This Music
Eat This Music
Eat This Music for 21 April 2021

This week on Eat This Music I have delicious new music from DVBBS, NO1KNOWS & KVNE, Molly Hammar, Chymes, Emotional Oranges & Becky G, Asta Diankha, Isabelle Eberdean, Humphrey Dennis, A.GIRL, MzUKI, Ninajirachi & Kota Banks, Keni, X. ARI, Tayiha, Dizzy & Luna Li, Michaela Slinger, Luma, ellie d., Resolve, Hey Baby!, Velvet Sunset, Set Into Motion, Mazy, Concrete Surfers, Charlie Collins, Girl In Red, Week Neez, Jakob Mind, Kombat, LOBSTERBOMB, Carolesdaughter, Boy Destroy, Tori Forsyth and George Alice (pictured).

You can find a playlist of songs played on the program here and on Soundcloud here, and the embed below:

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