Pictured: Shungudzo (Photo by Mark Nesbitt)

Charlotte OC – Bad Bitch

There is no doubt Charlotte has an incredible voice. The fact she is able to mix a solid array of vocal range and lyrical prowess with minimal instrumentals works so well.

Chymes – Death Wish

One thing that Chymes does well is pop music. The Australian artist has been featured on Eat This Music previously and I am happy to always give some space for Chymes.

REYKO – Coming Back

I love everything about the duo of REYKO. They are able to continually reinvigorated themselves with each new release, and “Coming Back” is another great example of what they are able to achieve with such minimal effort (although, I am sure a lot went into actually creating the song), with this new song being a fresh taste of what they have to offer of their debut album, due out for release in October.

Magic Bronson – My Baby is an Android

Love the voice, and the theme of how you can somewhat fall in love with your own technology. Interesting concept!

Shungudzo – White Parens

Not too sure what to make of Shungudzo‘s “White Parents,” but if there ever was a statement on modern society, then this would be it.

RuthAnne – F.L.Y.

F.L.Y.” is a perfect example of the stronghold of Ruth-Anne’s vocals. The constant lo-fi use of piano keys is a nice touch and the lyrics themselves are profound.

Orla Gartland – Zombie!

The frantic nature of this song makes it a fun ride. Although, Orla continues to showcase more of what makes her vocals so hypnotising, which “Zombie!” does so well.

Chet Faker – Whatever Tomorrow

I am not too sure what “Whatever Tomorrow” means, however, Chet Faker has somewhat managed to incorporate some of his best nuances to date in this 5 minute lo-fi anthem.


I am not too sure if this is a new direction for Yeo or he is just going through a phase, but I am really enjoying his mix of R&B, Soul and dark beats, and I hope he continues to try his hand at this new world of sound.

Century Egg – Ring A Bell

Century Egg‘s “Ring A Bell” is such a happy song and it makes me happy. Simplicity is sometimes the best, and lyrically, this is as simplistic as creativeness can get.

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