As someone that has naturally curly hair for life (I was the kid with an afro in high school), I feel for Hartnoll & Young (Paul Hartnoll – one half of Orbital – and controversial poet and artist Murray Lachlan Young) so much when they talk about needing a haircut, although, I guess not having to live under COVID conditions made life a little bit easier. Nonetheless, Hartnoll & Young are a duo out of the U.K. and this is a fresh taste of what is to come from their album (25th June), which seems to be a lighthearted look at modern zeitgeist.

Another thing to note about this song is the brilliant use of scissor cutting as drum beats, it works so well to get the story across. And the lyrical prowess is on point, especially the generalisation of conversations that happen in a hairdressers. This is a fun song that I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

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