Pictured: Olivia O'Brien

Varmix – My Eyes Closed

Aesthetically this is one of the most beautiful, beat heavy, enjuced house anthems I have heard in a while. As far as production goes, though, Varmix‘s ‘My Eyes Closed‘ is a large song in scale, it offers a big world of sound without taking away from the lyrical meaning as well.

ADE – Another Weekend

I have been holding onto this song for a couple of weeks, and I am glad to finally be able to share it with you, mostly because this is ADE‘s strongest work to date. ‘Another Weekend’ isn’t only a song about the pleasures of the weekend, it is also a strong portrayal of what ADE can achieve with simple lyrical prowess and sublime instrumentals to share his story. It is also a song that offers an insight into the euphoric-ness of his vocals.

Olivia O’Brien – Sociopath

You’re going to need to put some time aside for this song. What you’ll find in Olivia O’Brien [pictured above]’s newest music video is essentially an ode to classic slasher films, like Scream. Whilst the strongest portion of this music video is the visual interpretation of ‘Sociopath‘, the aesthetics of Olivia’s vocals, written lyricism and overall presentation of the audible world are just as important as the visual aspect. And Olivia (and her team) have done an incredible job on this release.

TYSON – Tuesday

TYSON‘s ‘Tuesday‘ is such a sweet song – visually and audibly. Visually the song reminds me of The NeverEnding Story (and likely took some inspiration from it), although, TYSON’s song is specifically about relationships, which are hit home in her honest, heartfelt lyrics throughout her beautiful piece of art.

DASHA – More Than This

This could be one of DASHA’s strongest songs to date, as ‘More Than This’ is a song that showcases her precise, delicate vocals. Bright pop seems to be DASHA’s forte at this point in her career.

Cody Frost – HIGH/BYE

Cody Frost has proved a lot with this single release, mainly how incredible her vocal reach is, and how much she can throw her audible reach. I hope more people discover what Cody has to offer.

Sam Valdez – Palms Casino

Palms Casino‘ is such a beautiful song and I truly believe it shows the best of what Sam Valdez has to offer; namely her sweet, soothing vocals and hazy world of music. The last time Sam Valdez was covered on Eat This Music was back in July 2020 when she released ‘Clean‘, so it is great to feature her nice music again.

The Bad Dreamers – Georgetown

When first listening to this song, and watching the video, you’d assume the story was actually about a man’s love for a woman, however, it turns out he loves his job, that job being an exorcist. No doubt, visually this song takes inspiration from the cult 1973 film The Exorcist, however, with a modern twist, as viewers are taken on a journey of a modern day exorcist just trying to find a job in modern times. ‘Georgetown‘ is just one of the many great artist ventures off the release of The Bad Dreamers‘ new album.

Jane N’ The Jungle – Trouble

Jane N’ The Jungle continue to grow with each release. Whether it is Jane’s own assertive vocals, the band’s well-oiled mentality, or the overall presentation of the project as a while. ‘Trouble‘ is a strong song that showcases various aspects of the aforementioned notions.

The Venomous Pinks – I Want You (Joan Jett Cover)

If you can get past the fast-paced, hectic nature of Venomous Pink‘s instrumentally loaded cover and truly appreciate the lyrics, then you’d be surprised to find a delightful ode to loyalty. And a pretty sweet cover.

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