Pictured: BVLE

Jay Robinson – Complicated (feat. Dominique)

Just as I felt with the collaboration between Martin Jensen and Georgia Ku, this new song between Jay Robinson and Dominique is of the same vein. It’s a beat heavy anthem that showcases an impeccable female vocal performance. Great work across the board. I could listen to it for days!

Eloise Viola – B.O.D.Y.

Calling Eloise Viola a pop princess would be underselling her talent and how great of a diversive artist she is. ‘B.O.D.Y.‘ is a good example of how she is able to mix the aesthetics of soul and pop together.


BVLE (pictured) is one of the most highly underrated acts in the Australian music scene at the moment. Although, you’d be remiss to think he has been around for quite a while, in the way the Sydney-based artist is able to guide the story over his recurring beats into a solid structured song.

Ilja Alexander – I’ll Wait (TÂCHES Remix)

Not too sure where to even begin with reviewing this song. With something as aesthetically pleasing as TÂCHES‘ remix of Ilja’s ‘I’ll Wait,’ I think it just best to sit back and enjoy it.

Crowded House – To The Island (Tame Impala Remix)

I never thought I would see the two worlds of Crowded House and Tame Impala come together, but here we are. This is a delicious collaboration.

Slayyyter – Cowboys

Slayyyter‘s Cowboys is a great mix of big, bright alternative instrumentals with a lyrical prowess of glitchy aesthetics, showcasing a modern take on the world of the Wild West! Slayyyter’s voice is soothing, the world she has created is engaging, and her story is unique. Enjoy.

Blu Detiger – Vintage (Flight Facilities Remix)

Much to the same feeling I had with the above collaboration. The words of Blu Detiger and Flight Facilities just come together seamlessly, with Flight Facilities sprinkling some extra instrumental, feel-goodness to an already pretty solid song.

Tessa Violet & lovelytheband – Games

Great collaboration between the two worlds of Tessa Violet & lovelytheband. “Games” is a song that showcases Tessa’s solid allround vocals and production expertise, and lovelytheband’s much needed juxtaposition.

Candy – Challenger Deep

I really like Candy‘s work. Mostly because he is always able to make feel-good melodies and fun visual interpretations. ‘Challenge Deep’ is no different. This song also comes out with the announcement of his new album. So that’s good news.

ME REX – Heart of Garbage

Love the raw authenticity to ME REX‘s music. Especially in this song. And even though this song came out in 2020 – off their album ‘Stegosaurus‘ – this is a great indication as to why ME REX are a solid band that showcase a lot of their instrumental expertise without taking away from their solid, solid storytelling ability… even if this song is about garbage.

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