Godlands – Out My Face

Godlands has only been covered on Eat This Music once in the past, in 2019 when she released her single ‘Back Now‘, ironically the Adelaide-based producer is back with the release of ‘Out My Face,’ and I absolutely love it. The vibe, the instrumentals (which initially started as a hip hop beat but is now a party trap track), the digital produce, and the assorted placement of vocals. This is a great track!

Revenge Wife – Manifest

I am pretty biased when it comes to music from Revenge Wife (pictured), only because I have been encapulated by everything she (and Louie) have done since her time in HOLYCHILD. And while this is only Liz’s second song under her debut solo moniker, “Manifest” is a bold and heavy track that showcased what someone can do when they are confined to a small space… and I don’t mean that emotioned. The music video for Manifest was made entirely by Liz and her boyfriend in a cabin back in January.

Rostam – Changephobia

I am not too familiar with Rostam, although, I feel ‘Changephobia‘ is a great introduction for others as to what he can offer as an artist: solid vocals and euphoric instrumentals. Delightful stuff!

Stevie Jean – Menace

The frantic nature (visually and audibly) of Stevie Jean‘s ‘Menace’ is the best part of the song. Although, her gritty singles and play on words on lyrically are solid points of interest too.

Sorry – Twixtustwain

It was difficult for me to choose only one song from Sorry‘s new EP – so I am just going to share the entire thing. However, if I was forced to choose one song to share, it would have to be ‘Cigarette Packet‘ (starts at 05:03​), it is the most diverse song on the EP and it showcased a strong lyrical prowess mixed with instruments for days. ‘Things To Hold Onto‘ is also a good one too.

Wallice – Hey Michael

Loving the vibe of Wallice‘s new single. Deep down it is is a revenge anthem for anyone who has encountered a gaslighting, manipulative person… although, I feel visually it showcases what Wallice does best – entertain and entice the viewer (or listener to journal) to sit back and enjoy the story she is sharing.

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