Litany & Oscar Scheller – Playlist

This song showcases a great mix of two worlds: Litany & Oscar Scheller, as they come together seamlessly, and allow enough time for individual artist to shine in their own way.

TDJ – TDJ002

TDJ was covered for the first time back in September 2020 and to say I was blown away by her music the first time around would be an understatement. TDJ is relatively new to the music industry as a project, and she is one I want to keep on my radar.

Sander van Doorn – Drink To Get Drunk (Eli & Fur Remix)

Kind of like how I feel about TDJ above; this new one from Sander van Doorn and Eli & Fur offers a fantastic world of music, without taking away from the original at all. Eli & Fur add a great perspective to an original beaut.

Equal & Shiah Maisel – Wide Open

The best part of this song is the strong vocal performance from Shiah Maisel. Although, the use of minimal instrumentals is a good touch also.

Conor Gains – Light Shine In

Conor Gains has managed to produce a solid song that showcases his intricate vocals and backing instrumentals. I truly believe Conor’s lyrical prowess and solid vocals are the best part of this song.

Sam Louis – Driftin’

I really like opening instrumental build of this new song from Sam Louis. Although, that is not to take anything awau from his soothing vocals, which are a nice touch to an overall tightly tuned song.

Talk Show Host – Blood In The Sand

Getting some classic punk-rock vibes from Talk Show Host. This new song comes off the release of their upcoming record and I cannot wait for more feel-good vibes and soothing vocals from all involved.

Sarah and the Sundays – I’m So Bored

Sarah and the Sundays‘ new song is a delightful experience of exploration as the titular character takes you through his life of boredom. Although, after having sat through the whole video multiple times, I wasn’t bored with it once. The instrumental aesthetics accompany the visual presentation seamlessly-making for a good time.

Broken Fires – Dreamer

This is Broken Fires’ first song of 2021, and it is a good indication of what the band out of South Wales have to offer this year. They might not the loudest band in the world, but every instrumental piece and lyrical word spoken has meaning. Good stuff.

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