Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez – Better For You

Better For You‘ by Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez is a jazz song at its best. Not only does Raina’s new song audibly showcase her strong vocal range, soothing presentation and lyrical prowess (in the way she is able to re-use the title of the song in different scenarios), but also how the instrumentals mix together the world of jazz and R&B. It’s a shame I didn’t come across this song earlier on during its release in March!

Paul The Messenger – Worthy

Worthy” is a song that gradually builds minute by minute, as the song’s story, which is about Paul’s personal experience with mental health, unfolds. This is a deep, person song for the artist and it showcases his incredible, straight forward openness to share his world with you through lyrical prowess and minimal beats.

Glass Meadow – Groove Shotta (feat. London Sinead & Captain Kuda)

Glass Meadow‘s ‘Groove Shotta‘ has a lot going for it. Namely the way it is able to slowly build its world while also showcasing its individual collaborators expertise. The instrumental portion of the single is relatively strong and offerings an underlying of urban beats. Great stuff.

Amiena – Halo

Amiena is smooth in many ways. Specifically in the way her lyrics guide her story and the way her instrumentals (specifically the drum beats) build the world. Great work from a highly underrated artist.

O’Neill & Jones – Broken Shoes

Before I give to you 5 songs, full of fast, furious and downright gritty punk-pop and heavy songs, I wanted to share with you something absolutely nice, soothing and downright inspiring. O’Neill & Jones are a duo out of Manchester and their single “Broken Shoes” is a fantastic continuation of what the duo have presented previously, which is their jointly well-oiled machine of delightful acoustic sounds and humble vocal range.

Crystal Cities – The Unknown

The Unknown‘ is the title track and sixth single to be released from Crystal Cities‘ sophomore album, ‘Hold Me Close Hold Me Tight‘. With this song, Crystal Cities continue to showcase their impeccable instrumental escapism full of consistent bass lines and a world of sound that builds its story with Greg and Jared’s shared vocal exchange. I have been a fan of Crystal Cities ever since coming across ‘Who’s Gonna Save Us?‘ in March 2017, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Cannot wait for the sophomore album!

TOWNS – Swimming

Love the DIY approach to this pop-punk song from TOWNS. Nothing is overblown or larger than life. It’s literally two friends making music.

Bad Waitress – Too Many Bad Habits

A lot of elements in this new song from Bad Waitress is interesting. Although, my favourite part is the call back to the Super NES, and you also can’t go wrong with a rainbow afro either. Another great aspect of the video are the multiple overlays of live footage from the band. Highly enjoyable fun video all things considered.

Gabe Is a Unit – Stressful Evening

I am not too sure what to make of the visual representation of Gabe Is A Unit‘s ‘Stressful Evening,’ mostly because the video starts off simple enough: a Horseman and Duckman exchanging goodbye before the Duckman goes off and lets its frustration out by kicking over a portrait painting, smashing a watermelon over its head, and eventually fighting with the Horseman, which may actually be a dream sequence. You know what, this might actually a brilliant video after all.

Atreyu – Underrated

Atreyu are a band that have yet to be featured on Eat This Music, which is some what ironic, because the newest song is titled ‘Underrated‘, and I feel that sums up Atreyu. They are an incredible band that, while have been around since 1996, have yet to become household names – which I think should change.

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