Dom Dolla – Pump The Brakes

Huge new track from Dom Dolla. Although, expected nothing less to be honest.

PNAU – River (feat. Ladyhawke) [Tobiahs Remix]

Having previous covered the original version of PNAU and Ladyhawke‘s collaboration when it first came out. In fact, ‘River’ was one of my favourite songs of 2020. Tobiahs has taken nothing away from the first song, although, what he has brought to this remix is a less loud version than the original and a more recurring subdued instrumental version that highlights a solid vocal performance from Ladyhawke. The added edition of those piano keys are a nice touch too.

Mike Ruby – Close (Ben Phipps Remix)

I have been a big fan of Ben Phipps ever since coming across his single ‘Mrs Mr‘ with Lizzy Land in 2017, so I am eager to share more of his music, especially when it is something as chilled and relaxing as his new remix of Mike Ruby’s ‘Close’.

Madge & Mr. Tape – Whatify

Absolutely slick collaboration between three of the best in their field. I hope we get to witness more of Madge & Mr. Tape and their pop-contemporary-house soon.

Ninajirachi & Kota Banks – Slytherin

It is absolutely ridiculous how great Ninajirachi and Kota Banks are today. After coming off hits ‘True North‘ and ‘Secretive‘, It’s like they were meant to be a duo all along.

DEJA – Sit Down

The visual interpretation of Deja‘s ‘Sit Down‘ is quite the sight to see. While the story is unapologetically bold and a statement, communicating the power of the female, while the song itself is additionally a showcase of character development in its own right.

Holander – E-Girl

E-Girl‘ is a solid anthem that showcases Holander‘s great mix of bright, pop instrumentals and a fun, lyrical prowess.

Anna of the North – Here’s To Another

It’s Anna of the North and she has another song out. How could it not be shared?

Lauren Housley – This Ain’t The Life

This Ain’t The Life‘ is a song that showcases (upfront) the incredible strength in Lauren’s vocals. Although, not too take anything away from the hook of the instrumentals and the engaging visual aspect of the song too.

Body Count – The Hate Is Real

I didn’t know what to expect when going into this song – but I am glad I stuck it out. Body Count‘s ‘The Hate Is Real‘ is more than just a political anthem, it’s a song that touches on racial injustice throughout Los Angeles. Body Count (Ice-T‘s metal band) and the vision comes from Directors Alisa Daglio and Vicente Cordero, whom use the platform to showcase a fast, frantic world that has some of the best mixes of lyrics and gritty instrumentals- I haven’t seen since Suicidal Tendencies. Although, I am not too sure Body Count are inspired by them at all!

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