Gangs of Kin – Broke

Gangs of Kin is an Amsterdam-based alternative artist and whilst he is relatively new to the music scene, Joël (aka Gangs Of Kin), has put together a solid sophomore single that sees him offer a mix of bittersweet blues, electronic and an interesting take on the story of mental health.

CLOVES – Manic (Live)

Whether “live” or pre-recorded, CLOVES is an outstanding talent that always showcases her strong vocals and overall presentation. CLOVES’ brings a rendition of her own thoughts with this new live version of her original single, while also offering a a sleek and compelling song – while not taking away from the original.

LIANA – Gönül Yarası

LIANA are a highly underrated duo whom have been featured on Eat This Music in the past when they released their single ‘Hurricane‘ back in 2019… so I guess it was about time they were given coverage, which also happens to coincide with the release of their newest single. The video is absolutely wonderful though, and overs a great insight into how far the two have come as artists.

Loods – Riviers

Here are some funky, feel-good house sounds for you to enjoy from Australian producer Loods. It is the type of song that you can enjoy at any time of the day or night. Loods’ ‘Image Nation‘ is also an enjoyable track if you’re looking to hear more great work from him.

Claire Reneé – Honey

Claire Reneé is a great talent. She is able to mix soothing Jazz and her soulful jazz seamlessly.

NAYLOR – The Message

NAYLOR’s ‘The Message’ is a great example as to why I love listening to a mix of lo-fi electronic and instrumental music.

Sierra Blax – INYIM (It’s Not You It’s Me) [feat. Tim Rose]

INYIM is a soulful/pop anthem that explores Sierra’s life being somewhat a hot mess as she navigates her mysterious mind through the city of LA, trying not to break any hearts, including her own.

One Morning Left – Ruthless Resistance

This might be one of the most colourful heavy metal videos… although, I guess it is more of a lyric video than an actual music video. One Morning Left’s ‘Ruthless Resistance’ fast, lyrically fast, and precise on their tightly nit instrumentals.

Restless Leg – The Wheel It Turns

Love the authenticity of the Rustless Leg’s song. It could be the fact the video was filmed on an iPhone, or it could be the gritty, DIY feel to the instrumentals and overall vibe of the song. Either way, ‘The Wheel It Turns’ is enjoyable.

Skegss – Bush TV

‘Bush TV’ is more than a song, it is a subtle ode of nostalgia.

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