Marie-Clo – Shell(e)

All the way back in June 2020 I had a chat with Marie-Clo about this very record, back then, Marie-Clo told Eat This Music that her album would bring together a mix of dark, painful, healing, harsh truths, emancipation and growth. Offering 10 songs of all those aforementioned notions, Marie-Clo has managed to showcase a wide array of solid vocals, world building and stories for days – with ‘Ah oui‘, ‘Tides of Fools‘, ‘At Ease‘ and many others being standouts of the record.

1tbsp – kanashī

Even under a different name, 1tbsp (aka Golden Vessel) continues to showcase an incredible array of sounds and aesthetics with minimal effort. With ‘kanashī’, 1tbsp offers four tracks that bring you into his world – whether you want instrumental heavy (“Calico”), beat heavy (“I Know I Get”), or soothing heavy (“kanashī”) – this EP has more than a view vibes to keep you hooked.

Mako Bron – Mirror Mirror

Some of the most simplistic vibes coming from Mako Bron. 4 songs is more than enough for you to love what this artist has to offer.

Barley Passable – Hindsight

Lily Papas – Freak

Genesis Owusu – Smiling with No Teeth

Chris Roberts – Red Father

JIM – Falling That You Know

The Great Emu War Casualties – Vanity Project

Psyence – Reality or Design

Sylvan Paul – America

There is no excuse not to listen to Sylvan Paul’s new record – it is only three songs after all!

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