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In 2020 Andrew Pololos dropped the most music ever in his career. “I really put an emphasis on production and growing globally,” Andrew tells Eat This Music. And in 2021 Andrew is dropping his debut album and keeping the pedal to the medal with music and content.

Andrew is the type of person that tries not to worry about things that are out of his control and just focus on the things he can actively do to come out of this (Coronavirus) better than ever.

Andrew’s newest single “Until We Dance” is the title of his debut album that was produced during lockdown for the most part. “I guess it was my way of coping with everything going on in 2020,” Andrew says on the release of his single. “Everyone could use a little music and love until we’re able to be together and celebrating life again.”

“[It’ll be] the most personal and fulfilling thing I’ve done as a producer and I’m excited to put it out there in the universe.” — Andrew Pololos on the release of his upcoming album.

“Absolutely! I wanted to make fun, feel good music that uplifts people, makes them smile, and makes them dance,” Andrew tells Eat This Music on the initial stages of his debut album. “I realized you can’t force creativity and inspiration all the time, 24/7. So I got bits and bits of inspiration from my gigs, from travels, from other artists I love and support.”

For the creation of his album, Andrew also got inspiration from all the things he missed during lockdown. So after making 50+ beats and collaborating with vocalists from around the world, Andrew narrowed it down to the ones that would fit this album and for this strange and unique time in our lives.

“Some songs reflect my personality and are about spontaneous adventure, freedom and having fun,” reveals about his album. “Others are about love and togetherness, which are inspired by classic house songs I will love forever.”

Music is subjective to the listener, so everyone will have their own favourites from Andrew’s album and like some more than others. For Andrew though, he would recommend listening to ‘For Today’, it is a track that he is really proud of: “Having collaborated with the Bouzouki Bros, it pays ode to my Greek background,” Andrew says. “Also, working with Andria Piperni is always an absolute pleasure and she manifested the exact fun, feel good essence I wanted on this album.”

“Everyone on the album is uber talented,” emphasises on the collaborative efforts on his album. “Nigerian artist Damvic nailed the beachy, wavey vibe of ‘Until We Dance’ and brought my message to life.”

Andrew also worked with legendary performer Eric Speed, who absolutely crushed the violin solo on the track ‘On & On’. Stephen Voyce, JT Soul, Andria Piperni, Naida and Naomi are all such talented writers and singers in their own right. “They were extremely efficient and incredibly professional,” continues. “It was really nice to work with artists as driven and passionate as I am, and I’m really grateful they came into my world and brought my project to life.”

“Like everyone, I’m eager to be with family and friends when this is all over,” Andrew continues in our chat. “Writing lyrics is not my forte, but in the title track ‘Until We Dance’, Damvic delivered my message to everyone during this difficult period we’re living in.”

The main take away from this album is a simple life mantra Andrew lives by; That we have one life. To always do what makes you happy and to savor every moment of it.

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