Ormiston – Rebel

Here is some feel good music from Ormiston. His newest song is titled ‘Rebel‘, and it is all about retro disco vibes and indie-pop melodies… although, I am sure there is actually a story to it somewhere. Just relax and enjoy the music.

FJ Law – catching 22

Coming off the release of FJ Law’s debut EP, is this big pop anthem, titled ‘catching 22’, this song showcases FJ’s great world of sound that includes big vocals and bright digital instrumentals. Although, the strongest aspects of this song are the lyrics. Enjoy.

Buffy – Cruel

This is the debut single from Buffy (not to be confused with The Vampire Slayer). ‘Cruel’ sees Australian artist Buffy showcase her great vocal range and storytelling ability in the way she is able to let the underlying, recurring beats guide her voice along pretty nicely. Enjoy!

Mango In Euphoria – Golden Shrine

Mango In Euphoria is a London-based artist featured on Eat This Music recently – when we had a chat chat earlier in February 2021 – and so far I am enjoying Mango’s work a lot. Following on from the release of ‘Never Be The Same‘ in 2020, Mango’s newest single ‘Golden Shrine‘ is the first taste of what she has to offer in 2021, which seems to be a well-developed style of constant instrumentals and soothing vocals.


Pretty haunting stuff from ELUNIA. In a good way though. Although, this new song ELUNIA is a continuation of what she showcased in her previous single, strong vocals and a world of engaging sounds.

Merk – Deep Dive

Here is a delicious new song for you – in many ways. The artist is called Merk (solo project of New Zealand songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Mark), and his new song ‘Deep Dive‘ is about making food… I think. Although, it is likely a metaphor for something else.

New Candys – Twin Mime

Loving what is coming out of Italy at the moment. This time it is from the band New Candys. Coming off the release of their fourth album “VYVYD“, due out for release in June, the four-piece have released a song that showcases a great mix of alternative rock elements and sublime instruments. It’s essentially dark Italian post-punk/shoegaze at its best.

One More Weekend – Talk

Really liking One More Weekend‘s vibe with this track. Pretty simple punk-rock track that showcases what the band has to offer, audibly and visually. Good stuff.

Half Past Two – Mean Green

Half Past Two is a funky 9-piece mix of ska, rock, reggae, and pop punk from California. This band kinda remind me of Reel Big Fish, but with a female vocalist. Their single “Mean Green” is a great example of how a band can allow a song breathing room, where each instrument come together nicely.

Benny Morrell – Sidepiece

More people need Australian rapper Benny Morrell in their lives… not as a sidepiece though, but as a part of their playlists. His newest song, is a great example of someone that has a lot of lyrical prowess, and can essentially rhyme, really, really fast, with actual meaning too – visually and audibly. Looking forward to more from Benny in 2021.

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