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Tanisha la Madrina is a Canadian beautician & esthetician by trade. Her mother is an Irish and Native Indian and her father is a British born Jamaican. “I am a young mother of 3 children,” she tells Eat This Music. “I’ve always had a passion for singing and started around the house when I was 2.” However, it wasn’t until her 4th grade music class, when she had to sing in a school assembly, that she realised she had a voice. “I then started singing in school talent shows and plays,” Tanisha adds. “Then during high school, I had my kids and had to put my dreams on hold.”

Those times were very tough for Tanisha. In fact, she was going through a lot and without music and her relationship with god, she can now honestly say that she wouldn’t be here today.

“During that time, I was making music on the side for fun but didn’t pursue it as a career,” Tanisha continues. “I always knew that I would one day make it and it was always a goal of mine, and still is. Since then I have done small gigs and sing in the choir at my church.”

Tanisha was exposed to music from a young age with her parents and siblings always singing around the house. As a young mother, that creative outlet has helped Tanisha get through some hard times because it empowers her. Music has always come naturally to her. Not to sound cliche, but Tanisha feels like she didn’t choose music, music chose her.

“It’s unfortunate with whats going on in the world but I’m trying to make the best out of it, using this time to focus on my goals and personal growth.” — Tanisha

“Honestly, I don’t know if I’m excited or nervous right now, it all still feels surreal,” Tanisha expresses on her new song being out. “It’s definitely a lot to process.” Tanisha is happy to see that her hard work is starting to pay off thanks to her team though.

Tanisha’s new song, ‘Like My Baby‘, is a love song that represents unconditional, mutual love between any two people. After all was said and done with the creative process of the song, the original idea of creating an uplifting love song developed into the final product – which is evident in the final release. That experience was so much fun for Tanisha though.

“Artists don’t get enough credit for all the hard work that they do,” Tanisha says. “But it’s worth it!” In fact, her team has been supportive through this new journey. It has been like no other in her life. It has opened up more creative doors.

Tanisha has always been someone who likes to spread love and positivity, so starting off with a love song just made sense to who she is as a person and who she wanted to be as an artist. “Like My Baby was the perfect song to come out with as my first single,” she continues, “but I also want the listeners to expect a lot more in the future in terms of getting to know my story and who I am a little more through my music.”

“I’m in the process of planning a music video for this song and I’m also working on a few other singles,” Tanisha reveals on her 2021. “I’m also really looking forward to collaborating with other artists in the future.” In fact, Tanisha is expecting to have her album released.

“I’m so excited because I have plenty of fresh ideas,” Tanisha says. “I will be experimenting with different sounds and I cant wait for people to hear it.”

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