Sophia – Stay

Following on from the release of ‘Skin‘ in December 2020, Sophia’s new single showcases more of her incredible vocal work. And the added addition of minimal instrumentals and keys are a nice touch.

Vibi – Fallback Girl

The story of Vibi‘s song is about not being someone’s second. In fact, it is a reminder that people are powerful and evolved enough to not fall into a pattern. Essentially ‘Fallback Girl‘ is a sweet mix of pop and attitude.

Georg’ Estelle – Taste Of You

Great stuff coming out of the Georg’ Estelle camp right now, especially with the release of her newest song, ‘Taste of You‘. Following on from the release of ‘Tell Me Something‘, George”s, ‘Taste Of You’ is a soulful and delightful fresh depiction of the first steps into a new love.

Great voice. Great aesthetics. Not a lot to complain about with this new one from Georg’.

Mausio – Spread Love (feat. Bibiane Z)

Clearly not enough German pop music on Eat This Music. So I wanted to break that with this new collaboration between Mausio & Bibiane Z. The song is title ‘Spread Love’, and as the name implies, their new song is all about spreading love and feel-good emotions, with an added bonus of slick vocals and instrumentals.

Toy Bones & Danni Jackson – Too Much (Remix)

Great collaboration between Toy & Danni. Even though the two of them have been working together for quite a while, ‘Too Much’ is a great example of a collaborative friendship that I hope lasts for a long, long time.

WASSAILER – Ghosts (feat. DemiMa & Johnny Woodham)

Calling this song “chilled” would be an understatement. Even though the song is titled ‘Ghosts‘, WASSAILER‘s collaboration with DemiMa & Johnny Woodham is a piece of art – it offers an aesthetically pleasing assortment of instrumentals, lo-fi vocals, and a visual representation of soothing Jazz. What more could you want?

Beams – Break Glass

I am enjoying Beams‘ music a lot lately. In fact, it was only as recent as last month when I covered them last. ‘Break Glass‘ is definitely a worthy follow up and worth the share.

Oxford Drama – San Junipero

What If Elephants – Guilty Pleasure

I don’t feel bad about listening to this song at all (pun intended).

CHASER – Dreamers

CHASES’ ‘Dreamers’ is fast, impactful, and full of feel-good punk-rock aesthetics. Coming off the release of their album of the same name, ‘Dreamers‘, the song, is essentially a dedication to people who have persevered through personal struggles and misfortune to continue chasing their dreams. Sweet track!

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