Nicole Millar – Are You Kidding?

Nicole Millar is gearing up for the release of her forthcoming EP of the same name, due out for release soon. ‘Are You Kidding?‘ sees Nicole continue to express her emotions through music. The new music from Nicole (as evident in ‘Boring‘ and ‘Favors‘) is different to what she produced earlier on in her career with the likes of ‘Signals‘. But I guess that is what artists do, they grow! Nicole is heading in an interesting direction.

Merpire – Dinosaur

Great return for Merpire. The last time I had heard music from Merpire was back in April 2018… time sure does fly.

Doohickey Cubicle – Sign Here (Blue Hawaii Windows Down Remix)

Love the vibe of this song, and I definitely want to know more about Doohickey Cubicle. I mean, how could you not with a name like that? Also Blue Hawaii Windows Down!

Robyn Sherwell – To Give Up

Such a sweet new song from Robyn Sherwell. She has yet to disappoint with that mix of vocal and recurring minimal instrumentals.

Jane Inc – Obliterated

I only came across Jane Inc recently, so it is great to have another gem from the release of Jane Inc’s record – due out for release March 19 – so soon.

Sophia Kennedy – I Can See You

While not as good as Sophia’s previous song, ‘I Can See You‘ is a great additional to an album that is sounding pretty sweet so far. Looking forward to the record.

Carina Jade – Trouble

Aesthetically, vocally, instrumentally – everything about this song is on point. One of the most powerful songs to date from Carina Jade.

Molly Burman – Fool Me With Flattery

The video alone is worth the journey.

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