Noga Erez – Story (feat. ROUSSO)

Great continuation of what is to come from Noga Erez‘s forthcoming new album, due out for release soon! Cannot wait. I love Noga’s work so much.

Raven Artson – Peak In Me (feat. Ray Fuego)

The last time Raven Artson was covered on Eat This Music, was back in September 2020, so it feels good to have the artist back on the website, especially with such a huge track like ‘Peak In Me’ – Ray Fuego is a good addition too.

PARKER – Lie Low

Everything about PARKER is great. Her vocals, presentation of music, assortment of sounds, aesthetics, minimal instrumentals – all of what she has to deliver essentially.

slenderbodies – Focus (with Tim Atlas)

One of THE most chillest tracks in recent memory. The music video adds a nice visual aesthetic.

Idlework – Don’t Call My Name

Highly underrated band that deserves more exposure. Just as a felt with slenderbodies‘ release above, this one from Idlework is beautiful in many ways.

New Pagans – Harbour

I never get sick of listening to New Pagans and I have yet to be disappointed from a release of theirs. And I am also hyped about the fact their debut album “The Seed, The Vessel, The Roots and All” is out next week.

FRESH – Girl Clout

Tommy Ashby & Lydia Clowes – Happy Just to Know

Vlone – Full Flex

I didn’t know Greek rap was a thing until coming across Vlone‘s ‘Full Flex‘. However, I am glad I now know it is a thing. This young artist has a lot to offer, and whilst I am also Greek and may not be able to understand all the lyrics, you can appreciate the passion and hard work Vlone has displayed within this song.

MONOWHALES – Daytona Bleach

I have been obsessed with MONOWHALES ever since the release of their single RWLYD, so it is fitting that I share their record… finally.

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