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She Kills Me Deeply is an idea came up with one day while the artist was at a park writing. “It was the closing line to a poem I wrote and I thought it encapsulated everything about my music, he says. “I often personify emotions and events as love interests in my music so it just felt right.”

In fact, She Kills Me Deeply is a fresh face on the music scene. He has got a lot of energy to share around and he just wants that to be transferred through music. In fact, She Kills Me Deeply just always wants to give you something that you can sing back to him!

“Well, I wrote the song while I was waiting for my covid test results [laughs],” She Kills Me Deeply says on the release of his new song ‘Long Drives‘. “I’d been away from my girlfriend for a few weeks and I couldn’t wait to see her again, and I guess from there I just got nostalgic for all those times where I’d be in an uber home, a little spaced out and just really excited to see her.”

The long drives down the M5 as the song says haha. Windows down and the midnight streetlights is the mood I was really trying to capture. — She Kills Me Deeply

“I feel like the story I set out to tell when I started the process stayed consistent throughout the whole process,” She Kills Me Deeply says. “Usually I have the melody and a few words and then fill in the blanks later on but this one hit me in a single moment.”

From there, She Kills Me Deeply grabbed his guitar and started strumming a few chords and the chorus was done. “I knew that this was a chorus I wanted to lead with so I worked out the structure of the song and built it from there,” he says. “I almost always make 4 or 5 demos of a song and only once I’m really happy with it will I take it to a studio. For this one I rewrote the lyrics and rearranged the song so many times I wouldn’t be able to count!”

For this one, I’d She Kills Me Deeply definitely said all of what he wanted. This song essentially features an amalgamation of memories that are pieced together, in which, helped to create this song.

She Kills Me Deeply just wants people to enjoy this song, you know? “I like writing songs that are catchy because when you have people in a room or in a car all singing the words, no matter if it’s a happy or sad song, it’s still a good time that people can get around,” he says. “On a deeper level I hope people can relate it to their own love lives.”

In 2021, She Kills Me Deeply wants to build a world that people can dip into when they need to escape their reality so he has been doing a lot of writing and experimenting with different sounds and styles, so expect to hear more in 2021!

“Also hopefully shows become easier to put on and something could happen there but no promises at the moment,” She Kills Me Deeply concludes in our chat.

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