LAOISE – ‘Healthy’

LAOISE is an artist previously interviewed on Eat This Music when the Dublin-based native released the first (healthy) taste of this very EP back in October; so it makes sense to share the EP now that is is out!

Other than ‘Healthy’ being the key track of the EP, the other songs like ‘Gravy‘ & it’s acoustic version appropriately titled ‘Gravy – Acoustic‘, along with ‘To Do:‘ and ‘Movies‘ are a nice diverse range of songs that showcase LAOISE’s vocals, production and story telling ability as the EP jumps between genres and showcases her adverse adaption to the atmosphere she has chosen to create.

Molly Annelle – ‘ELEVATOR MUSIC’

When a record starts with a blooper, you just know you’re in for quite a ride! Molly Annelle’s ‘ELEVATOR MUSIC’ is just that; a joyful, delicate ride through levels of feelings and emotions. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Brijean – ‘Feelings’

Brijean‘s ‘Feelings‘ is sweet. Although, it is an 11-track album full of calming, aesthetically beautiful sounds, and soothing vocals throughout. From the opening of ‘Day Dreaming‘ to the close of ‘Moody‘, you’re getting an album that explores the highs and lows of the mind, body, and soul from the Oakland-based duo of Brijean and Doug that make up Brijean as a whole.

Dark Chanell – ‘No. 1’

Dark Chanell is the heavy handed techno alter-ego of New York-based artist Laidback Luke. Although, with this release, appropriately titled ‘No. 1‘, Dark Chanell has made his transition back into the world of techno with ease – essentially jumping back into a genre he clearly has passion for; with the first song ‘PURPUR‘ setting up the journey for the rest of the debut record. Great stuff.

Delicious standouts are ‘OCTAGON‘ and ‘TROMMEL‘. Although, ‘TRAITOR‘ rounding out the four-track record isn’t a bad choice either if you’re after a solid techno anthem with a sporadic underlay of vocals.

Velvet Skyline – ‘What We Have In Common’

Velvet Sky are an alternative rock band out of Texas, and although they have yet to be featured on Eat This Music in the past, it was an easy decision to share their new record, which features 10 songs of solid, rock anthems that showcase the four-piece’s diverse sound and well-oiled structure as a band.

With songs like “Panic Hour,” “Drown,” and “Paint Me Blue” being perfect examples of what the band is able to achieve; this is a great release that leaves more yet untaped by Velvet Sky.

Dohny Jep – ‘Smile, It Might Never Happen’

The title of this record perfectly sums up what the four-piece are trying to achieve – essentially Dohny Jep would like for you to smile (or at least head-bang) while listening to this record and with releases like ‘Get Fucked‘ and ‘Looking In‘, I just don’t see how you couldn’t! The four tracks in this record are a great portrayal of what this alternative rock band can achieve, leaving more to be discovered.

Chris Pellnat – ‘Crossing’

You get the idea: This record is about moving on to something new and unexpected – musically, spiritually and as part of the natural arc of life. But it’s not a dreary lecture – it playfully upends indie norms in a distinctive way, with lots of dulcimer, vibraphone and guitars.

Seth Martin & The Dish Boys – ‘The Golden Book of Favorite Songs’

Seth Martin & The Dish Boys‘ new record is some of the things you want in a solid record: soothing (and sometimes gritty) vocals, tightly tuned instrumentals, and the nothing of sitting back and enjoying what has been created – that is what you’re going to get within this big record, which features 30 songs.

Highlights of the record include ‘Meme‘, ‘It’s Alright‘, ‘Zebulon‘, ”Heartworm Highways‘, and many others!

Eric Hirshberg – ‘Spare Room’

What’s the use of a spare room if you’re not going to fill it with some of your most prized possessions? That is the notion I got from the release of Eric’s aforementioned record. ‘Spare Room’ isn’t just a name for me to make a pun, it’s actually an record full of homages to Eric’s home, work, stories, and more.

This record is simplistic rock and storytelling at its best. With songs like “Working Days“, “Loving Each One” and “50 Sent Peace” being highlights.

NOFX – ‘Single Album’

As if I wasn’t planning on sharing the new NOFX record with you as soon as I heard about it being in the works! 10 songs is more than enough for NOFX to continue to show what they are all about and why they are still THE greatest punk band in the world today… well, as long as Fat Mike will allow NOFX to be a thing.

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