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Martin Jensen – ‘2019 (feat. Georgia Ku)’

This is the second time in one week I have covered a release featuring Georgia Ku, and that is not a bad thing at all. In fact, Georgia brings her incredible soaring vocals to the world of sound Martin Jensen has created with his single ‘2019’. As the title of the song implies, this is a song that looks back at 2019 with nostalgia goggles.

Joyce Wrice – ‘One One (feat. Freddie Gibbs)’

R&B singer and songwriter, Joyce Wrice, has teamed up with Freddie Gibbs on the freshest take of what is to come off her upcoming debut album, due out for release on March 19. The song is titled “On One“, and it is a song that offers a solidified unity of the two artists: Joyce with her impeccable vocal range and Freddie with his spitballing expertise and hypnotic lyrical prowess.

Ani Brava – ‘Homicide’

Ani Brava lives in a state of isolation that inspired her haunting tone, not just in this song, but in her art in general. ‘Homicide’ is a loud song, and the way it is able to bring together slow burning industrial instruments, key structure and Ani’s haunting, overarching vocals together. She kinda reminds me of a cleaner Poppy.

This is also Ani’s debut single, so you better believe it will be worth sticking around for the ride to see what else she has to offer.

CAPPA – ‘Colder’

Pop artist CAPPA has released the second taste of what is to come off her 2021 EP with a song that gibes you all of those aesthetically pleasing pop elements you’re used to hearing; bright, snappy pop grooves, sparkly synths, clicks, delicate vocals, and bright emotions; although, the song is actually a testament to CAPPA’s knack for creating catchy yet clever pop numbers… it’s quite meta.

Æ MAK – ‘Jamie (Lockdown Video)’

Æ MAK just continues to smash their genre of choice, and after coming out with the release of “We Have It Right Here” in 2019, the Irish artist has given out a much needed taste of new material from the outfit, which also comes off the release of their new EP, “Class Exercises”, due out for release March 26.

Taking A music in a new direction, Æ Mak brings her skills as a producer to the forefront with this release!

Hannah Scott – ‘Drawn to Darkness’

Hannah Scott‘s newest single ‘Drawn To Darkness’ is bald, it is fresh, and it showcases a whole lot of what fans have come to love about the London-based (Italy born) artist; in which she is able to bring together minimal instrumentals and strong vocal performance to push along her musical agenda.

If this doesn’t draw you into Hannah Scott’s ecosystem, then I am not too sure what will.

Field Division – ‘Manifest’

Psychedelic folk-rock and dream-pop duo, Field Division, have released more of their hypnotic anthems, this time in the form of ‘Manifest’. This song is essentially used as a platform for the duo to conjures up a contemplative dreamscape, featuring a brilliant starry sky, while illuminating the darkness within.

Freya Beer – ‘Siren’

It has been nearly a year since Freya Beer was featured on Eat This Music, and quite frankly, that was an oversight on my part, and with the release of her highly anticipated debut album, scheduled for release later in 2021, what better way to bring Freya back into the fold than with the release of her newest single, ‘Siren’.

Siren is a song that sees Freya bring together her solid traits: gritty guitar chords, consistent vocal range, and guiding lyrics.

Mara Connor – ‘Ain’t That a Shame’

Everything about this new song from Mara Connor is big; the performance, her vocals, the aesthetics, even the sublime, minimal instrumentals are given enough time to shine in their own right. It’s like Mara took the time to carefully, precisely choose what she wanted to show the world in this beautiful two minute and 30 second song. Even though the song is essentially a homage to Fats Domino, Mara has done an incredible job. Well worth sharing.

Lauren Housley – ‘What’s Troubling You Child?’

Lauren Housley is a great artist. Just as touched in above with Mara Connor, Lauren is able to bring together a lot of different elements to create a big, bald, world of sound that showcases her impeccable skills as a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter. Enjoy Lauren’s work, and definitely check out more!

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