Low Island – ‘Feel Young Again (The Juan Maclean Remix)’

As far as remixes go, this one from The Juan Maclean is pretty solid. It’s clean, it’s beat heavy, consistent and doesn’t take all that much away from the original Low Island song.

Trans-X – ‘Living on Video (Claptone Remix)’

1980’s Canadian outfit Trans-X have gotten a modern day remix of their hit single ‘Living on Video‘ from Claptopne – to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Trans-X – the legends that previous released songs like ‘In The Night‘, ‘Stay The Night‘ and ‘Under The Moon‘ have partnered up with Canadian record label Unidisc on the above release, and while they haven’t taken away anything from the original release, the German producers have brought in their much loved techno/dance vibes to an already “perfect” song.

Ross Quinn – ‘So High (feat. Maths Time Joy)’

I cannot recall the last time I got joy out of maths… although, it could have been the time I first discovered what the equation of Pi actually was (it’s approximately equal to 3.14 to the second decimal place [excluding the never-ending or duplicated decimal places]). In saying that, London’s Ross Quinn, however, has managed to put together a solid song that sees himself and Maths Time Joy bring together a solid mix of underlying slow burning digital instrumentals and soothing vocals in a collective outing that is ‘So High‘.

Ferry Corsten – ‘High On You (feat. Maria Marcus)’

Ferry Corsten has committed to something different with the release of ‘High On You‘, the artist is stepping out of his comfort zone and challenging himself creatively. Working with Maria Marcus on this new single, Ferry has managed to create a new, aesthetically song that showcase a great change of pace of high (pun not intended) sounds, soaring vocals, and recurring beats that could become mainstays if Ferry continues to showcase this style of creative output.

Enda Gallery – ‘Guess We Got a Problem’

cody frost – ‘verbal warnings’

This is such a big track by cody frost. It [Verbal Warnings] is not just a debut single from an artist out of the U.K., and this is not a song about “warnings” per se, as the song is more about the notion of heady highs and crashing lows, despair and disillusionment, self-care and catharsis.

Karate, Guns & Tanning – ‘Artifacts’

I first became away of Karate, Guns & Tanning when the band released their single ‘Fire’ back in January, however, since then, the ‘Graffiti Children‘ back in January, and with the release of a record coming soon, I wanted to continue that trend by covering more of their music, and not just because they have a cool name, but because the band out of Indianapolis actually produce some great art – like the new single.

AWAZE – ‘Sorry Looking Boy’

Sorry Looking Boy‘ isn’t just a song, it is a statement. With lyrics like “I’ll help you dig a hole where you can hide,” and “We wouldn’t know if we get left behind,” and “Gotta get shit together (literally),” and “faking your devotion, singing about the ocean!” are some of the beaut lines within this 2 minute song that sees the high energy, uptempo rock band showcase what they have continue to produce ever since their debut in 2018: gritty rock and solid, well structured aesthetics.

Left Field Messiah – ‘Young Libertine’

Zac Pajak – ‘About Time’

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