There is just so much new music out today it would be wrong of me not to make this a two part series! The first batch of songs can be found here.

Peach PRC – ‘Josh’

DOOLIE – ‘Woke Up Feeling Dramatic’

Laces – ‘Prosperity (feat. Ninajirachi)’

So far I have enjoyed everything Ninajirachi has put out, and that has not changed even when she is featuring on someone else’s work. ‘Prosperity’ is a loud song! It’s electronic infused with industrial. And it just sounds right. Enjoy.

Talitha – ‘Embarrassed to Know Ya’

Sycco – ‘My Ways’

Sycco is a joy to listen to. The last time she was featured on Eat This Music was back in July 2020 when she released ‘Dribble‘. So what better way to bring her back into Eat This Music’s ecosystem than with her newest single. It’s a beaut and continues to showcase Sycco’s fluent vocals.

Freesouls – ‘Burn It Slowly’

Burn It Slowly‘ is a lyricists dream. The lyrical prowess of Freesouls is on point in how this song doesn’t just feature a bunch of people spitting rhymes for the sake of it (even if profanity is within). This is a song that showcases great talent from the three individual artists involved in the collective unit.

LEFKADA – ‘The Curator’

Inklines – ‘Blossom’

Imogen Clark – ‘Never This Time’

Purient – ‘Memories’

The first thing that came to my head when listening to this song by Purient was some great memories (no pun intended) of when I first came across Selci, and I ended up becoming a big fan of Selci’s, so I am definitely going to keep a tab on Purient!