On today’s menu: JULIANA sends mixed signals, Blanke is a mystery, Jade Bird opens up the heavens, Alma Grace starts a girl fight, Dead Slow Hoot grow taller, Braids and Python combine, AFI are looking tragic, and more in today’s delicious roundup.

Blanke – ‘Mystery’

JULIANA. – ‘Mixed Signals’

JULIANA. is the type of artist that is able to mix electro-pop & R&B with ease. “Mixed Signals” is the latest offering of what she can produce and it is quite the feat. “Mixed Signals” is much more than song about confusion in a relationship, JULIANA.’s new song is an anthem that showcase more of her glorious vocals.

San Cisco – ‘Reason (The Jungle Giants Remix)’

Two of Australia’s best acts, The Jungle Giants & San Cisco have come together on this brilliant piece of music titled ‘Reason’. The song is originally from San Cisco as part of their 2020 release. The Jungle Giants continue some of the best and highly underrated music.

Braids – ‘Young Buck (DJ Python Remix)’

Braids are a real beaut, and the combined notion of New York-based DJ Python makes this remix of their single even better. This is a big song that showcases the traits that make Braids great to listen to, and Python’s impeccable skills as a producer. Can’t complain when two worlds come together perfectly like this.

Luke Gomm – ‘Red Flashing Lights’

Red Flashing Lights‘ is a neon infused, hidden dance anthem. It’s a song that used a good mix of recurring clicks, recurring lyrics, and sporadic keys to create a suitable world to get lost in. Luke Gomm‘s world of music is one worth exploring.

Alma Grace – ‘Girl Fight’

Coming off the release of her debut EP “FRIDA,” Alma Grace‘s ‘Girl Fight‘ is a big song, and by that, I mean in characteristics and aesthetics. It’s a song that showcases her delicate vocals and underlying world of instrumentals. The song features Alma front and centre and doesn’t take away from the song’s message, which comes out of inspiration for the Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo.

AFI – ‘Looking Tragic’

I remember listening to AFI when I was in high school, although, ‘Answer That And Stay Fashionable‘ is still my favourite album – I don’t know if that shows my age or not, but everytime I come across them I get a sense of nostalgia. So I am happy to share more of their music with you. In fact, the band have announced a new album, which is coming out June 11. Cannot wait!

These New South Wales – ‘Remote Control’

These New South Wales are one of the best bands I have seen live. In fact, they were (along with Grinspoon), the last band I saw live prior to COVID kicking on. So I am happy to see they are releasing new music and bringing back more of that live sounding, fast paced action to their music. Cannot wait to see this band live again.

Jade Bird – ‘Open up the heavens’

Jade Bird is an absolute gem and anything she puts out tends to be pretty good. From time to time I can’t help but go back to ‘I Get No Joy‘, just so I can get lost in Jade’s voice… although, this new song is just as catchy as others she has put out and a great indictation of what she Nashville artist has planned for 2021.

Dead Slow Hoot – ‘Taller Tree’

Dead Slow Hoot comes from across Sheffield/London. Together though, Dead Slow Hoot is a pretty solid unit, with ‘Taller Tree’ being a great indication of what they have to offer. Standard rock vibes, gritty vocals, and a solid story. What else do you need in a song? Great stuff.

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