On today’s menu: Sinead Harnett fins her last love, Slothrust scratch their Cranium, Half Waif leaves the party, Francis Lung has a bad hair day, Ariel Posen finally sees, K-Riz shames, Beams blossom, Belvedere go on a retreat, and more in today’s delicious roundup.

Half Waif – ‘Party’s Over’

Half Waif is the project of Nandi Rose, and today she has releases a track titled “Party’s Over”, a song essentially about feeling left out. However, the song is actually a reminder to HALF Waif herself, and how she is seeing things backwards, and the outside is actually the better place to be.

“There’s a sense of richness at the margins, where the shadows darken,” she says on the release. “It reminds me of that party trick where you take the wire cage from the top of a bottle of champagne, and you hold it up and twist and trick your brain into seeing the whole thing inverted.”

Except in this case, the song shows that the party’s over, and that is not a bad thing at all.

Sinead Harnett – ‘Last Love’

Sinead Harnett is not the typical popstar with attitude. In fact, her music is pretty solid and her vocals are impeccably delicate. Clearly Sinead is the type of artist who takes time with their music and is able to transfer what she has in her head into the end product.

Coming off the release of her sophomore album, ‘Ready Is Always Too Late,’ with this song, Sinead wanted to explore the proverbial thin line between the liberation of having no one to answer to when you’re single, and the memory of the last person you loved.

Slothrust – ‘Cranium’

Cranium‘ is something special. It’s more than a song. It’s an anthem. The entire is build strongly on the performance of Slothrust‘s frontwoman Leah. I’d find it impossible for you not to become a fan of this band after watching this video/listening to this song.

Francis Lung – ‘Bad Hair Day’

I wanted to share this song with you because Francis Lung‘s ‘Bad Hair Day‘ is a fun song. And by that, I mean in the way Francis is able to mix together soothing vocals and acoustic instrumentals, while also showcasing all the many different hairstyles he can in 3 minutes.

This is the first song to off Francis’ upcoming album ‘Miracle‘, due out for release June 18.

Lo Talker – ‘Don’t Hide That Light’

With this new song, Lo Talker have given fans a sweet taste of their much loved psychedelic folk goodness. The song additionally stands as a reminder to never get comfortable with what people thing they know. Mixing together reverberated petals and melodies, ‘Don’t Hide That Light’ is a nicely turned acoustic jam.

unveils a new song and video for “Astral Humming,” the fourth song released from their much-anticipated debut album A Comedy Of Errors, which is set to be released March 19, 2021, through Arts & Crafts.

Beams – ‘A Flower Blossomed’

Beams is a psychedelic folk-rock band out of Toronto and you can tell right away that this five-piece take a lot of inspiration for their music from bands of the 70s… ‘A Flower Blossomed’ is soothing, soulful, and down right blissful. You’d be remissed to think that the band wouldn’t be able to give their music enough time to breath with the amount of band members, but you’d be wrong.

Ariel Posen – ‘Now I See’

This is such a beautiful song by Ariel Posen. The song itself is a great platform for the namesake to showcase his sweet vocals and sublime instrumental work as a solid unit with a band. ‘Now I See‘ is a great follow up to his 2020 record, which featured 8 wholesome live tracks.

Solstice Rey – ‘Mountains (Punk Rock Version)’

You know sometimes you come across those “Punk Goes…” compilation albums and it features some hidden gems? Well that is the feeling I got with Solstice Rey’s ‘Mountains’. Going into this, you’d be shortsighted to thing its going to be a pop song, however, what Solistice has done with her music is great.

Belvedere – ‘Good Grief Retreat’

This website has clearly been lacking in the Canadian punk scene, so what better way to introduce you to that scene than with the delightful Belvedere! Their newest single is titled ‘Good Grief Retreat‘, and other than the title rhyming, the song is fast, frantic and showcases all the good stuff you want in a punk song.

K-Riz – ‘What A Shame’

Sometimes you just come across a song that is lyrically witty and aesthetically pleasing. That is exactly what you’re getting with K-Riz‘s single – which comes off the release of his EP, ‘The Room‘ In fact, the entire EP is worth a listen with ‘Kobaiyashi‘ being a highlight. However, the story on the other hand, is essentially story what the title infers, it is about love.

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